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Research Office

The College of Nursing Research Office provides support to graduate students and faculty in securing extramural support for their scholarly, research, teaching, and community service activities.

In addition, the Research Office will help with all aspects of proposal development and submission including concept development, proposal writing and review, and budget development. Many offices and service groups within the college support researchers with the numerous aspects of preparing a fundable proposal. Visit our Pre-Award Support and Post-Award Support pages for more information.

Associate Dean for Research

The associate dean for research is responsible for the administration of all research efforts of the college. With the faculty and other administrators, the associate dean:

  • Facilitates the development of research proposals
  • Monitors the status of faculty and graduate student research
  • Works with program and campus directors to establish research workloads with faculty

Faculty members, especially new and junior faculty, are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with the associate dean for research to foster a supportive and successful research career path. To schedule a regular meeting, contact the associate dean for research.

Julie Postma

Julie Postma
Associate Dean for Research


The biostatistician provides support for research and scholarly activities. The biostatistician will:

  • Help faculty prepare the study design and data analysis section of a proposal and estimate the amount of salary support needed in the funding proposal for grant-related statistical services
  • Provide consultation on the benefits of various statistical software packages
  • Provide statistical guidance for data entry, programming for data analysis, data management, and data archiving activities
  • Assist faculty with the design and psychometric testing of instruments
  • Provide consultation on data presentation, and is available to review manuscripts, presentations, or posters. Funded proposals that include using statistical services should include salary support in the new grant applications


Tamara Odom-Maryon
Research Professor