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Poster Template Guidelines

Sample of Poster

Wendy Buenzli Hotspotters poster

Fonts, logos and text alignment

  • Please do not change the font. The set font for each template is Lucida Sans, which is a WSU approved font. For more information on WSU approved fonts, visit
  • Please do not change the font size of headers and body text (should not be less than 14 pt). Font sizes are set for readability at a distance of 4 feet.
  • If you need help with alignment, you may use guides within the template. Instructions for using guides can be found online.

Header font colors

  • Please only use WSU approved colors. Use the WSU crimson as shown on the templates for poster headers and title. Black or WSU approved gray hues may also be used for subheads and text. All WSU approved colors are embedded in the template. Want to learn more about WSU approved colors? Visit

Photography, graphics and clip art

  • Please do not use clip art.
  • You can insert shapes, graphs, charts, etc, within the template. If you want to use an image, please consult with the communications department before printing your poster.
  • It is illegal to download images from Google or any other search engine. This is copyright infringement. Read more: If you need assistance finding an image, contact Sarah Schaub.
  • If you want to use photos in your poster, please contact Sarah Schaub prior to printing. Some photos might not meet print requirements so it’s important to to have it reviewed prior to print.

Tables, Graphs, and SmartArt

To add a Chart:

  1. Click on the Chart or icon in the content box you want to add it to and make your selection.
    PowerPoint chart instructions for research templates
    Insert chart instructions
  2. Once you make your selection, Excel will open within PowerPoint and you can enter your data. If you have the data in another Excel file, please copy/paste it into the new Excel file.

To add a Table:

You can copy/paste an existing table, or create a new one within the template by clicking the table icon and selecting the number of columns and rows. If copy/pasting, please make sure your font size is at least 14pt.

Make the template your own and use white space

Templates are meant to be a guide. You can delete/add/adjust sections and height of columns as needed. Columns can be combined to accommodate for larger sized blocks of text or images, however, as a general rule columns should be kept consistent.

Printing and Design Review

  • Please submit a copy of your final poster to the communications department for review prior to print. We can ensure brand standards are met.
  • Please fill out a marketing & communications project request to have your poster printed.