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Nurses Environmental Awareness Tool

About the Tool

The Nurses’ Environmental Awareness Tool (NEAT) is a series of 6 short scales that measure:

  • Nurses’ awareness of environmental impacts of nursing practice
  • Nurses’ perception of the relatedness to health risks of those impacts
  • Nurses’ ecological behaviors in the workplace
  • The difficulty of performing those behaviors
  • Nurses’ ecological behaviors at home
  • The difficulty of performing those behaviors

To address similar questions in multi-disciplinary health professionals, the tool has been adapted to create the Healthcare Environmental Awareness Tool (HEAT). This set of 6 subscales measures the same elements in clinical disciplines more broadly.

Invitation to Use the Tools

The NEAT and the HEAT tools are available for use to individual researchers at no cost. In 2015 and 2016, the author will establish web-based access to the researcher for use. When data collection is complete, the author will use the statistical results to further refine the tool. She will send the scale scores to the researcher for use in his or her study. This will allow the author to further refine the tool, using data from different testing settings.

To request permission to use the tool, email the author at