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Washington State University Center for the Study of Addiction: Methamphetamine, Prescription, and Other Drugs of Abuse

Department of Justice (DOJ)
10/1/2010 – 9/30/2014


This study will help address a problem impacting the entire nation — non-medical use of prescription drugs. Associated with the misuse of opiate prescription medications are increased rates of morbidity, mortality, hospitalization, and drug-related crime.

The Program of Excellence in Addictions at Washington State University is known for its cutting-edge, world class research into the treatment and prevention of abused substances, most notably methamphetamine. We have been working on expanding our program by focusing on the increasing problem of prescription opiate abuse in order to inform and direct treatment and prevention efforts. We will accomplish this by focusing our efforts on understanding the multifactorial influences of opiate addiction. Our primary activities will be to conduct a series of pilot studies that will be identified via interactions with community partners. If successful, findings from the pilot studies will be used to assist in the development of new or refined treatment strategies that will result in decreased prescription opiate use. It is anticipated that the end products of our work will have a direct impact on criminal justice systems and other areas affected by drug burden.

Primary Investigator

John Roll
John Roll, PhD