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Threats and Supports to Asthma Management in Hispanic/Latino Cay Care Environments

MultiCare Institute for Research and Innovation (MIRI)


Hispanic/Latino children are disproportionately affected by asthma. The purpose of this research is to identify supports and challenges in asthma management among childcare environments used by pediatric Latino patients in Pierce County. The specific aims of this study are to determine the feasibility of a community-based participatory research (CBPR) project involving a Latina-parent Advisory Board (LAB) of mothers of children with asthma as research partners in: (1) implementing a survey tool to assess environmental triggers for asthma in childcares, and (2) assessing content and format preferences for implementing an educational program for childcare providers. A community based participatory research strategy will be used in partnership with the LAB. Participants will be trained in participatory research methods and environmental threats to childhood asthma. Participants will then identify and engage up to five child care settings to complete and environmental survey of triggers and intervention preferences. This study will improve our understanding of environmental exposures and strategies to address asthma management practices of childcare providers who serve Hispanic/Latino children.

Primary Investigator

Stephen Reville, MD, MultiCare