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The PRACTICE Study: Improving Head Injury Diagnosis and Management in Adolescent Athletes

WSU Office of Research
5/16/2014 – 8/15/2015


The PRACTICE study (Provider Recommendations for Adolescent Concussions: The Impact of patient Characteristics) will examine variation in adolescent sports-related concussion assessment and management recommendations among nurse practitioners (NPs) in Washington and Oregon. Specifically, we seek to evaluate how, and to what degree, recommendations vary according to patient characteristics, such as sex or sport type. A web-based survey will include randomly assigned, standardized patient scenario video mapped to standardized criteria for concussion assessment. Four videos will be produced, wherein patient characteristics (sex or sport type) will vary; patients will not vary in terms of symptoms, physical signs, and history. Results will assess the influence of patient characteristics on concussion evaluation and management. Study findings will be used to formulate an action plan for the creation and implementation of an educational module on adolescent concussion assessment and management for NPs.
College of Nursing, PO Box 1495 Spokane WA 99210-1495, 509-3

Primary Investigators

Janessa Graves
Janessa Graves, PhD

Tracy Klein
Tracy Klein, PhD