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Nurse Practitioner Management of Psychotropic Agents for Pediatric Patients

Sigma Theta Tau International
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Shire ADHD Grant
6/1/2014 – 5/31/2015


The purpose of this study is to examine and compare MD and NP prescribing and management of psychotropic agents prescribed to Medicaid patients age 3-18 for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in two exemplar states with autonomous Schedule II-V prescribing authority for NPs. Oregon and Washington Medicaid pharmacy claims data from 2008-2013 for ADHD medications will be analyzed using descriptive correlational methods to identify and compare prescribing, management, referral, and consultation indicators. Results may inform curricular and certification recommendations for NPs prepared as generalists, yet tasked with managing pediatric psychotropic medications.


Tracy Klein
Tracy Klein, PhD


  • Teri Woo, PhD, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Tamara Odom-Maryon, PhD, WSU College of Nursing
  • Shannon Panther, PharmD, WSU College of Pharmacy