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Implementation of a cyberhub to support genomic nursing education

National League for Nursing, Ruth Donnelly Corcoran Research Award – $24,811


Purpose: Nursing education research lacks infrastructure to create large, nationally representative datasets to inform and monitor educational outcomes and nursing workforce development. We propose to implement a cyberhub to create a community of practice to support nursing education research and collaboration.

Design: We will migrate a standardized test of genomic literacy for nurses to a dedicated website (cyberhub) and recruit faculty in ADN and BSN programs to assign the test as a classroom assignment. Data for each class will be returned to faculty, and data from consenting students will be retained for research purposes. Study findings and resources developed as a result of the study will be shared via the cyberhub.

Methods: We will replicate a proven strategy in engineering education to recruit faculty and manage data. We will apply advanced psychometric analyses using Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory to describe genomic knowledge among students and evaluate inventory psychometrics. Based on data analyses and extant literature from biology education research, we will develop resources to support nursing faculty charged with genomic education and share those resources via the hub.

Results: This study will reveal how nursing programs are implementing genomic education, measure genomic literacy in a large, diverse sample of nursing students, generate data to contribute to the validation of a standardized tool to measure genomic literacy among nurses, and test the feasibility of a cyberhub to support nursing education. Conclusions: Nursing education research may be advanced by employing novel and collaborative strategies implemented in other academic disciplines.


Linda Ward
Linda Ward, PhD