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Hispanic Families’ Perceptions about Asthma Management

MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation
11/1/2013 – 10/31/2014


The purpose of this photovoice study is to better understand the supports and challenges in asthma management among Hispanic patients and families. The specific research question is: What are the challenges and supports to asthma management as perceived by Hispanic families who have a child with asthma?

Subjects: Ten self-identified adult, Hispanic caregivers of children with asthma will be recruited from community-based programs and organizations in the Tacoma-Pierce County community.

It is anticipated that some findings will resonate with previously published work. Namely, that asthma disparities result from a complex interaction of factors related to four domains: the individual and family, the environment or context in which the child lives, the health care system, and provider characteristics. That said, findings will reflect a regional experience as policies (e.g. smoke free housing) differ per locale. There is little in the published literature about asthma management supports, so those findings will be particularly valuable and be used to strengthen existing programs. In general, results will be used to initiate and re-structure policy and asthma care quality guidelines for Hispanic families in MultiCare Health System, the Puget Sound Asthma Coalition and the statewide Washington Asthma Initiative.


Julie Postma
Julie Postma, PhD