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College of Nursing

Drive to 25 Strategies

In order to increase federal research expenditures, we have approved the following goals/strategies:

  • We will implement research clusters in acute and chronic care, behavioral health, healthcare service delivery, workforce, and interprofessional education
  • We will continue to work toward strategically hiring senior-level researchers that fit within these research foci
  • We will expand the infrastructure of the research office to increase grant submissions and improve the management of grants
  • We will expand mentorship programs to increase the research skills of faculty

In order to increase total research expenditures, we have approved the following goals/strategies:

  • We will expand collaborative partnerships with other colleges, institutions, and community-based organizations to improve the WSU College of Nursing’s research portfolio
  • Faculty and students will contribute to the development of the science of nursing through the critique, utilization, dissemination, and conduct of research
  • We will diversify our research portfolio by working more closely with the development office, and more actively pursuing foundational grants and state contracts

In order to increase endowment assets and annual giving, the Research Office will partner with the Development Office to pursue the following goals/strategies:

  • Capitalizing on the college‚Äôs 50th anniversary (2018-2019), we will further engage our alumni constituency. The WSU College of Nursing will use this opportunity to highlight our rich legacy and history across the state of Washington, sharing our vision for nursing practice and research in order to impact the transformation of healthcare
  • The WSU College of Nursing will enhance endowment assets through the creation of endowed chairs in key areas of research (veterans affairs, opioid use, smart homes, etc.). Endowed chairs will assist with recruitment efforts for nursing faculty, as there is a nursing faculty shortage across the U.S. We also seek to grow endowments to support both faculty and student research, student scholarships, simulation training, and unrestricted support.