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Washington State University

Why Choose Nursing?

Nurses are the largest component of the healthcare workforce. But becoming a nurse doesn’t limit you to one kind of job or lifestyle.

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Why WSU?

From your first day of class at WSU College of Nursing to when your name is called at graduation, you’ll be part of a campus community that cares about you—your academic success, your personal achievements, your daily challenges, and your goals for the future.

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Get Involved

From positions in student leadership
to simulation clubs and ambassador programs,
find opportunities to grow outside of the classroom.

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Whether your goal is bedside nursing, providing primary care as a nurse practitioner, or nursing research, the WSU College of Nursing will prepare you for that role.

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Program Costs

Paying for education is a major commitment. We’ve outlined program costs and provided information on scholarships and financial aid.

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Serve Globally

WSU partners with established healthcare service-learning programs
to provide everything from basic health education to critically needed surgeries.


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