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portrait of preceptor Kathryn Brault
Meet a preceptor: Kathryn Brault, ARNP

Kathryn Brault loves her job, and that’s why she’s a preceptor for the WSU College of Nursing and other schools.

Portrait of College of Nursing donor Shelly McHugh
Shelly McHugh gives back to WSU Nursing because ‘they helped me’

Just a decade after Shelly McHugh graduated from what would become known as the WSU College of Nursing, she began a regular habit of donating to the school.

Nightime shot of a bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin.
WSU researchers recently presented at nursing conference in Dublin

WSU College of Nursing faculty and a doctoral student recently presented their research at the International Nursing Research Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

Portrait of Sue Neal, a preceptor for the College of Nursing at Battle Ground Healthcare
Thank a Preceptor: Sue Neal, Battle Ground Healthcare


Sue Neal wants student nurses to see how much community is involved in community health.

Mike Munoz sits on an exam table in the WSU College of Nursing's Simulation Lab.
Actors play a role in health education as ‘standardized patients’

As acting jobs go, this one’s not typical.

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Add or make changes/updates to our internal Faculty & Staff Directory located on the College of Nursing Intranet.

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Photo of Sim Man mannequin laying in the stands at the football stadium in Pullman.
Sim Man visits Pullman for Athletic Training scenarios

About 25 students in the WSU College of Education’s Athletic Training program got to know the College of Nursing’s Sim Man on Tuesday in Pullman.

Qualifications & Compensation

Qualifications & Compensation

Preceptor Qualifications

Currently practice as an ARNP, MD, DO or PA
Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the clinical area you will be precepting
Hold an unencumbered, active license for the state in which the student will be precepted
Provide documentation of licensure and national board certification


At this time we are unable to pay preceptors for the valuable work they do.  However, we think you may be interested in the following benefits:

Signed verification of precepting hours. These can be applied toward board and/or licensure recertification requirements
Participation in our spring Preceptor Recognition … » More …

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

Orient the student to the clinical site and staff
Discuss clinical learning objectives and then create a “roadmap” to structure the clinical experience.  These objectives should be based on student identified learning needs and input from the preceptor coupled with clinical practicum objectives.
Promote a positive learning environment that encourages self-directed inquiry, development of critical analysis skills and allows for professional reflection and role development.
Validate clinical findings and data reported by the student. Review documentation in the medical record as required.
When time and space allow, directly observe the student interacting with patients.  … » More …

Student Evaluation

Student Progress & Evaluation

Graduate Programs

Evaluation of a student’s progress is ongoing during clinical rotations. Students track their clinical hours and patient encounters in a software program called E*Value. In addition, a clinical faculty evaluator, will complete a site visit at least once during the student’s rotation. During this time the faculty will want to observe the student interacting with patients to ensure the student is demonstrating safe and appropriate care. If time allows, evaluators like to meet briefly with preceptors to discuss student performance and identify any areas of concern. In addition, clinical evaluators will be following up with you by e-mail … » More …

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