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Group photo of nurses at Coulee Medical Center
College of Nursing and Providence launch pediatric outreach program

Small rural hospitals face pediatric emergencies less frequently than their urban counterparts. That creates a host of challenges, from staff not being familiar with pain-control protocols, to not having appropriately sized supplies and equipment, to seemingly little things, like not having toys on hand to distract young patients.

Portrait of Laura Wintersteen-Arleth holding the Crimson Spirit Award.
And the Crimson Spirit Award for September goes to… Laura Wintersteen-Arleth

Congratulations to Laura Wintersteen-Arleth of the WSU College of Nursing, who received Washington State University’s Crimson Spirit Award in September.

WSU College of Nursing Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The WSU College of Nursing’s strategic plan was developed through collaboration and consensus. It’s intended to guide our development in coming years as the college continues to innovate and elevate the science and practice of nursing.

Healthy Environment

We empower students, faculty, and staff, and promote collegial dialogue, change, creativity, values development, and ethical behavior.

Foster and maintain a civil work and learning environment based on mutual regard, teamwork and collegiality, respectful communication, and observance of norms of decorum.
Provide continuous faculty and staff development through annual reviews, mentorship, leadership training and programs.
Recognize, … » More …

Mike Mosier with a knife and piece of deer meat.
WSU nursing student pinch-hits as a butcher for Union Gospel Mission

The call went out to the day room at the Union Gospel Mission men’s shelter in Spokane on Wednesday morning: “Hey, we need somebody who can butcher up some animals.”

The WSU College of Nursing and one of its faculty were honored by the National League for Nursing (NLN) in a ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. Left to right: Renee Hoeksel, Executive Associate Dean; Joyce Griffin-Sobel, Dean and Professor; and Rumay Alexander, NLN President.
NLN honors both the WSU College of Nursing and Associate Dean Renee Hoeksel

There are more than 800 nursing programs in the United States and more than 400,000 nurses who’ve earned masters or doctoral degrees.

Julie Postma, left, a faculty member with the College of Nursing, has been a volunteer companion to Barbara, right, through ElderFriends.
College of Nursing professor bonds with retired nurse through ElderFriends

The heart of a nurse isn’t bound by the hours of a work shift.

Julie and Barbara both know that.

Dean Joyce Griffin-Sobel
Desk of the Dean


Dean Joyce Griffin-Sobel

Dean Joyce Griffin-Sobel

September 11, 2017
Each year on this date, I reflect on the terrible events of September 11, 2001. I vowed then that I would do my part to ensure we do not forget the horrific assault on our country, and the losses that over 4,000 families endured as a result.

So many people narrowly escaped injury or death, serendipitously. I count myself among those.

I have an apartment on the west side of Manhattan, directly uptown from the World Trade Center site. My … » More …

Portrait of Dr. Jae Kennedy
Grant will create fellowships for researchers with disabilities at WSU

Research scientists with disabilities are underrepresented in the health sciences, yet such scholars bring needed perspective to understanding and improving health policies and services for people with disabilities.

Benefits of Precepting

Benefits of Precepting for WSU College of Nursing

Precepting Nursing and Nurse Practitioner students is an exceptional opportunity to pay forward the extraordinary work of your own preceptors.  Teaching reinforces and strengthens our understanding of a given topic and this has real world benefit for your patients and their families.  As a preceptor and mentor, you play a critical role in the educational experience of WSU’s students, helping to shape the next generation of nurses and advanced practice nurses while contributing to the quality of healthcare in the region.

Precepting can also benefit healthcare practices and organizations within the community by affording long-term observation … » More …

Dr. Marian Wilson
Study: Can an online program help reduce opioid use by patients with chronic pain?

Marian Wilson, an assistant professor at the WSU College of Nursing, is joining a team of scientists who’ll lead a federally funded, $2.5 million study investigating whether an online pain management program can help patients with chronic pain reduce or eliminate the amount of prescription opioids they take.

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