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Robbie Paul
WSU’s Paul Seeks to Empower Native Americans with Careers in Healthcare

Robbie PaulSPOKANE, Wash. – When Robbie Paul first joined Washington State University almost 20 years ago, it was the beginning of a journey that led her to a PhD, a new-found belief in herself, and a mission to inspire and empower others to pursue higher education.

A member of the Nez Perce Tribe, Paul joined the WSU College of Nursing in 1995 to head up Native American recruitment and retention, including efforts to plan and organize a two-week summer camp program for Native American high school students interested in pursuing nursing careers. That program has since … » More …

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Ginny Guido
Ginny Guido Retires

Ginny GuidoVancouver’s Regional Director and Assistant Dean of Nursing, Ginny Guido, JD, MSN, RN, FAAN, retired in May after nearly seven years at WSU Vancouver. A party was held in her honor on May 15 and was attended by faculty and staff from Academic Media Services, Library, Development, and Nursing as well as members of the Academic Leadership Council. A small buffet was served which included Ginny’s favorite cake: White with white butter frosting.

Among other gifts, Ginny was presented with a beautiful potted orchid, birthstone necklace, and an engraved brick at Vancouver’s Legacy Square.

A day in the life
A Day in the Life – Martin (Nurse Scientist and Nurse Educator)
Hearts in Motion Trip 2014
Hearts in Motion Trip Reflection

Hearts in Motion Trip 2014I had the privilege of spending 12 days in Guatemala over Spring Break 2014. This trip was through WSU in conjunction with a service group called Hearts In Motion (HIM). We traveled to Zacapa, Guatemala where we served local villages in clinical settings and did surgeries in a privately owned hospital in the area. It was an amazing experience and has led me to understand the importance of service as well as the love and gratitude for people … » More …

Spokane BSN Students Attend Rockwood Diabetes Day

Spokane BSN Students Attend Rockwood Diabetes Day

Diabetes Day volunteers 2014We had a great representation of WSU College of Nursing Spokane students at the Rockwood Diabetes Day, an educational program promoting diabetes self-management for patients, their families and the general public. Students enjoyed themselves and did a great job with the screenings. They were professional, articulate, and provided very appropriate education, and the participants really enjoyed the nursing students. By participating in this event, students met part of Objective #4: teaching as they were having to … » More …

Nursing Pathways high school students
Nursing Pathways Health Conference At College Of Nursing Tri-Cities

Nursing Pathways high school studentsWSU College of Nursing Tri-Cities held the Nursing Pathways Health Conference on Friday March 21, 2014. The purpose of the conference was to stimulate outstanding high school students interest in pursuing nursing and health related careers by allowing them to meet and learn first-hand about the work of local health professionals. The goal was that student participants would leave with a greater interest in pursuing a career in nursing and health care. Students had the opportunity to experience the nursing simulation lab, … » More …

Audrey Humfeld
WSNA Nurse Legislative Day Reflection

Audrey Humfeld
Adrienne Humfeld BSN Program Yakima

Prior to attending this session, I really didn’t understand the need for our help to pass certain legislation. After seeing the speakers talk about issues that are clearly necessary for the welfare of both nurses and patients, and seeing the statistics on how healthcare continues to change, it was as if all the pieces fell together. After meeting with our representatives who really didn’t see the need for our legislation, it was disheartening, but also reinforced that I … » More …

Amanda Lennick
Remembering WSU Alumna Amanda Lennick

Amanda LennickAmanda Lennick, WSU College of Nursing Tri-Cities Alumna and nurse at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, suddenly lost her life on March 22, 2014 in the Oso, Washington mudslide. The tragic mudslide occurred just one week after closing on her new home on East Steelhead Drive along the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River.

She fell in love with her new home right away and spent weekends walking the area and getting to know her future neighbors, even before closing on the property. Amanda’s friends said the new home was exactly what she … » More …

Q & A With Maria Castillo

Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo joined Washington State University College of Nursing Tri-Cities in the fall 2010 and currently is a nursing instructor. She is originally from Kennewick, WA, and her nursing career has spanned more than 20 years, working in both pediatric and adult ICU nursing.

Why did you choose nursing as a profession?

At a very young age, I saw nursing as a tool in which I could inspire and touch people’s lives. Sick people, sad people, and healthy people to strive to become better. Nursing is the greatest profession to touch the spirit, … » More …

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