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Leslie Randall
PhD Nursing Scholar in the News: Leslie Randall

APHA book details need, approaches to research in US Native communities – by Natalie McGil*

Leslie RandallIt has been nearly two decades since Leslie Randall, RN, MPH, participated in a research project measuring the infant mortality rate among American Indian tribes in South Dakota. Yet she said residents still remember her and her fellow researchers. “When I go back I’m constantly surprised that people still remember, even after all these years,” said Randall, who is now a doctoral nursing student at Washington State University.”They still remember, and they … » More …

three BSN students
Pediatric specialists advocate for vaccines

by Hannelore Sudermann | Washington State University

As the chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital, Ken Alexander ’82 is no stranger to the measles, pertussis, or chicken pox.

He also works with children with HIV-related illness, pneumonia, and respiratory infections. He and his colleagues identify and treat infections caused by the typical viruses and bacteria as well as the little-known parasites and even fungi.

But when we sit down to visit near his offices on the north end of UC’s campus, Alexander wants to talk about something that isn’t a children’s disease at all.

Julie Postma
Community Project Targets Asthma

TACOMA, Wash. – Patient-centered research to improve the quality of life for those affected by asthma is one of five Washington state projects to receive funding recently from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, or PCORI.

The project will focus on developing strategic partnerships between individuals, families and communities affected by asthma and health care partners interested in promoting asthma prevention and management.

Barb Heimbigner
Q & A With Barbara Heimbigner

Barb Heimbigner
Barbara Heimbigner (BSN ’75), BSN, RN>
Nurse Educator at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital

Tell us a little bit about your career, what you are doing, and where you work.

I have done pediatric nursing throughout my 38-year career – from general peds, to PICU, to pediatric faculty, to working with children in 3rd world countries who had open heart surgeries. I am currently in the education department at PSHMC & Children’s Hospital where I oversee continuing education for the PICU … » More …

Terry Stott
Q & A With Teresa Stott

Terry Stott

Teresa (Terry) Stott (BSN ’75), BSN, RN, CHPN
Director of Nursing at Hospice of Spokane

What is your dream nursing job?

I can honestly say I have my dream job. I work with amazing nurses every day as part of an interdisciplinary team that is truly making a difference for patients and their families at a very poignant time in their lives. Each day is different, and every day brings its challenges, but we have the privilege to serve people and help them live … » More …

Rexanne Glockling
Q & A With Rexanne Glockling

Rexanne Glockling

Rexanne Glockling (BSN ’81), BSN, RN
Infusion Nurse at Cancer Care Northwest

What makes a Cougar nurse is doing your best, putting the patient first, being a patient advocate, and knowing you are making a difference every time you go to work. This could be as a school nurse, hospital nurse, or working in a clinic. Nursing is the “Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love”.

Who is your favorite faculty and why?

Tina Bayne was a major factor in my career. She was one of … » More …

Jerome Santos
Q & A With Jerome Santos

Jerome Santos

Jerome Santos (BSN ’10), BSN, BA, RN
Operating Room Nurse at University of Washington Medical Center

I am often given the opportunity to travel to different places and see the many faces of poverty. In March 2013, I went to Jakarta, Indonesia. Instead of treating it like a vacation coma, I opted to take the slum tour. My heart cried out when I saw how horrible their situation was like living beside a rail train with no access to clean food, water, education, and … » More …

Danica Parkin
Q & A With Danica Parkin

Danica Parkin

Danica Parkin (BSN ’10, MN-FNP ’12), MN, ARNP
Tuberculosis Program Coordinator at Spokane Regional Health District

Who has been an important mentor in your career, and why do they deserve recognition?

There are two people who popped into my mind when I read this question: Robbie Paul and Sandra Schilling. Robbie is the Director of Native American Health Sciences at WSU. Robbie was so helpful while I was in school. She provided emotional support, but also made sure that I was doing okay academically. Sandra … » More …

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