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Category: Research

Celebrating research success – submit items for upcoming newsletter

We will be continuing to publish our Research Successes bulletin for the College of Nursing. We have been tracking research successes all summer and we’re looking forward to getting a bulletin out this month. Please follow these easy steps if you’d like to include your work in the Research Successes:

To have grants and manuscripts included on this informal list:

Please contact Kathy Bridwell when you know your grant is awarded ( We want to celebrate these as soon as you find out!
Please email Kathy Bridwell ( if a grant or contract did not go through the erex process
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Are you a provider who interacts with pregnant and/or postpartum women?

Washington State University is conducting a study on healthcare providers’ perceptions of marijuana use during pregnancy, postpartum, and while breastfeeding. Your input as a healthcare provider who interacts with pregnant and/or postpartum women is really important to us. We are hoping to interview 10 healthcare providers to gain their perspectives on this topic. This interview will be about an hour and you will earn a $50 gift card. Washington State University Institutional Review Board has approved this study.

If you are interested in participating please call 509-358-7707 to schedule an interview. If you know of other healthcare providers who may wish to be interviewed, please … » More …

The Office of Research will be awarding a $500 prize for best “Big Ideas”

The Office of Research will be awarding a $500 prize for best “Big Ideas” submitted by an individual or team from WSU to the NSF 2026 Idea Machine (details below). To be eligible you must submit your idea to NSF by October 5th and send proof of submission to The WSU “Big Ideas” Prize winner will be announced on Monday, October 15th during the launch of Research Week.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces the launch of the NSF 2026 Idea Machine, a prize competition to help set the U.S. agenda for fundamental research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) … » More …

Research flash talk invitations

As part of Research Week (October 15-19), the Office of Research has partnered with the colleges to offer four matchmaking sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration by providing a platform for faculty to present their research projects in order to find collaborators that will help make these plans a reality. We are currently recruiting presenters in all disciplines and focus areas for potential matches with these topics: » More …

Italian nurse visits WSU to explore the power of touch in healthcare

An internet discovery led an Italian nurse to the Washington State University College of Nursing this summer. 

Enrico De Luca, a longtime critical care nurse, had spent more than a decade investigating the power of touch in health care. While working on his doctorate, he ran across a study led by WSU College of Nursing Assistant Professor Marian Wilson that looked at whether nurse-led massage can reduce compassion fatigue. Wilson’s study complemented the work De Luca has done in Italy, training nurses in massage techniques and researching the effect of therapeutic touch on patients, families and nurses. » More …

Volunteers needed to help run simulation scenarios

All Spokane Nursing Faculty,

Kevin Stevens is recruiting faculty or grad students to assist with the patient simulation portion of the recently awarded AHRQ grant to Lois James.

Nurse participants will go through a patient care scenarios 2 different times for a total of 200 simulations over a 2-year period.

Kevin will need assistance in running these scenarios and will train those interested. Please contact Kevin Stevens at if you are interested in participating.


Marian Wilson, Mary Lee Roberts, and Michele Shaw

Study looks at transitions from opioid use to addiction, treatment

How do people with chronic pain move from appropriate use of opioids to addiction? And what prompts them to seek addiction treatment?

As the United States grapples with rising opioid addiction and overdose death rates, the answers to those questions are critical. Yet they’re not well understood. 

Three researchers at the Washington State University College of Nursing studied those transitions and are publishing their findings this month in the journal Nursing Research, under the title “Opioid Initiation to Substance Use Treatment: ‘They Just Want to Feel Normal.’” The researchers include Assistant Professor Marian Wilson, Associate Professor Michele R. Shaw, and Research Associate Mary Lee A. Roberts. » More …