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Category: Awards & Recognition

Nursing Students receive 2020 Chancellor’s Excellence Awards

The Chancellor’s Awards are bestowed annually to students, faculty, staff and community partners who advance leadership and engagement at WSU Health Sciences. Recipients of these awards demonstrate exceptional leadership and service to the university and the community and/or support leadership development and engagement of WSU students. » view all award recipients

Dr. Janessa Graves to receive WSU President’s Award

Associate Professor Janessa Graves has been named a recipient of the 2020 WSU President’s Award for Leadership-Faculty and Staff.

The President’s Awards, which have been granted since 1996, recognize top leaders at WSU.

“Recipients of this prestigious award demonstrate exceptional leadership and service to the university and the community as well as to those who support leadership development in WSU students,” according to the university.

The Faculty and Staff category recognizes “Candidates (who) challenge and work with students to support their development into active global citizens, and collaborate with others on campus or in the community to promote engagement.”

Dr. Graves is Director of the Office … » More …

Dr. Bevan Briggs featured in a publication from his alma mater

Dr. Bevan Briggs, interim academic director at the WSU College of Nursing in the Tri-Cities, was featured recently in a publication of Brigham Young University, his undergraduate nursing alma mater.

One notable passage: “Briggs is an inspiration for students, showing that the path after graduation can be different for everyone. His daughter, Sydney Briggs, is finishing her first semester at the BYU College of Nursing and will graduate in 2022.  Briggs laughs, ‘The WSU mascot is the cougars. I like to tell people that I am working as a red coug to pay for my blue cougar.’”

Congratulations Bevan!

To read the full article: » More …

PhD candidate Dan Edwards places second in Three Minute Thesis competition

College of Nursing PhD candidate Dan Edwards placed second in the 2020 Three Minute Thesis competition. His presentation was entitled “Implicit Bias is Public Health.”

Said one judge, “Extraordinarily important work for the future of the equity of the health care system.”

Read more about the competition and Dan’s research here:

Here’s a video of his presentation:

Congratulations Dan!

Coug Nurses in the News

In case you missed it, several Nursing personnel were featured in internal and external communications recently:

Dr. Anne Mason was interviewed via livestream by The Spokesman-Review’s Kip Hill on mental health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Dr. Janessa Graves was interviewed by Rural Health Information Hub for this story on TBI in rural areas:

RNR Refresher Course seeing surge of applications:



Shandeigh Berry honored with leadership award

The WSU Graduate School selected College of Nursing PhD Candidate Shandeigh Berry to receive the Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award for the 2020/21 academic year.

The Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award was established in 2003 to support graduate students who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and/or university involvement at WSU and are working on completing their dissertations.  It was created in honor of DePauw’s 22 years of work at WSU, where she was a professor in the departments of sociology and human nutrition, foods and exercise before becoming associate dean, interim dean and dean of the Graduate School. In 2002, she became vice president … » More …

Call for Spring 2020 Excellence Award Nominations

The College of Nursing Awards Committee invites you to nominate exceptional students, faculty, and staff for the spring 2020 excellence awards. Information, nominations forms, and the drop box for submissions are located at:


Let’s all recognize the many deserving students, faculty, and staff here at nursing. This would be a great year to celebrate the excellence in our college.

Questions? Contact any member of the Awards Committee: Laura Wintersteen, Janessa Graves, Tulla Diede, Jenny Schrock, Renae Richter, Renee Hoeksel, Cindy Brigham-Althoff.

Message from the Awards Committee

The 2019-2020 Awards Committee for the College of Nursing thanks everyone who participated in nominating an outstanding student for a Fall 2019 Award. All nominees received letters signed by the Dean and each winner received a plaque with their letter. Plaques were presented to each winner at their campus or There are numerous examples of excellence across our student body and the members of the Awards Committee are proud to share the names of award winners:

Outstanding BSN Student: Nikita Fisenko at Tri-Cities
BSN Clinical Excellence: Donny McClure at Spokane
Outstanding MN Student: Jennifer Emberton at WSU Tri-Cities
Outstanding RN to … » More …

Fall Student Excellence Awards – Call for Nominations

Faculty: It’s that time of year again! Please take some time to nominate an exceptional student for our Fall 2019 Student Excellence Awards. Students can be nominated by faculty and other students. Award recipients must receive at least one faculty nomination to be eligible.

Awards for Fall 2019 – Nominations due Nov. 4

BSN Clinical Excellence
Outstanding BSN Student
Outstanding RN-BSN Student
Outstanding MN Student

View eligibility criteria and download the nomination forms on our nursing website: