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Category: Announcements

New fillable forms on the nursing finance website

Finance has revised many of the college’s most used forms and they are now easier to use and more efficient.  Please toss your previous hard copy forms. Most of the new forms are now fillable and email directly to the finance staff who handles them when you hit SUBMIT. If you are having difficult using any of the new forms, please contact Cathy Engel,

The new forms are located on the finance website.


Celebrating research success – submit items for upcoming newsletter

We will be continuing to publish our Research Successes bulletin for the College of Nursing. We have been tracking research successes all summer and we’re looking forward to getting a bulletin out this month. Please follow these easy steps if you’d like to include your work in the Research Successes:

To have grants and manuscripts included on this informal list:

Please contact Kathy Bridwell when you know your grant is awarded ( We want to celebrate these as soon as you find out!
Please email Kathy Bridwell ( if a grant or contract did not go through the erex process
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Are you a provider who interacts with pregnant and/or postpartum women?

Washington State University is conducting a study on healthcare providers’ perceptions of marijuana use during pregnancy, postpartum, and while breastfeeding. Your input as a healthcare provider who interacts with pregnant and/or postpartum women is really important to us. We are hoping to interview 10 healthcare providers to gain their perspectives on this topic. This interview will be about an hour and you will earn a $50 gift card. Washington State University Institutional Review Board has approved this study.

If you are interested in participating please call 509-358-7707 to schedule an interview. If you know of other healthcare providers who may wish to be interviewed, please … » More …

The Office of Research will be awarding a $500 prize for best “Big Ideas”

The Office of Research will be awarding a $500 prize for best “Big Ideas” submitted by an individual or team from WSU to the NSF 2026 Idea Machine (details below). To be eligible you must submit your idea to NSF by October 5th and send proof of submission to The WSU “Big Ideas” Prize winner will be announced on Monday, October 15th during the launch of Research Week.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces the launch of the NSF 2026 Idea Machine, a prize competition to help set the U.S. agenda for fundamental research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) … » More …

Spokane Campus Safety Announcement

From Sergeant Michael Norman, Office of Campus Safety, WSU Health Sciences Spokane       

There were two vehicle prowls on campus last week, resulting in lost/stolen items. Both vehicles prowled had known door lock malfunctions or were not in working order. Also, both vehicles had items left in them within sight from the outside, such as backpacks, books, electronics or tools. Car prowling and most thefts in general are crimes of opportunity. Almost 90% of our incident reports on campus that involve bicycle thefts, theft from offices or public spaces, and thefts from vehicles involve an opportunity that could have been avoided. Take away the backpack, laptop, unlocked office door or items within sight in your vehicle and you will probably never be a victim of theft on this campus. » More …

Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses conference Oct. 20

The Washington state Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses will be holding a half-day conference on the Spokane campus.

AAPPN’s Spokane Master Class: “Navigating the complexities of Somatic Symptom Disorder and Conversion Disorder” on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018, on the WSU-Spokane campus. CEs: 3.5 hours, including 2.5 pharmacotherapeutic hours—ANCC approval pending

Healthy Work Environment (HWE) Update

Challenge for the week
It’s random acts of kindness week! The HWE committee would like to challenge members of the college to participate. Just plan/do/say something nice for a colleague. Let’s spread smiles this week.

Join your colleagues for an impromptu breakfast huddle this Thursday Sept. 13
Stop by the 3rd floor lounge between 8-10 this Thursday. Drop in (quick is fine!) and enjoy some good food and short time with colleagues. We challenge another floor to sponsor something social in October (sponsored by your colleagues on the third floor).

HWE Pod challenge
Sue McFadden and Nancy Oberst crafted this fun idea called the “pod area/name challenge”

Hello all—Nancy Oberst & Sue McFadden are starting another “spoke” on our Healthy Work Environment wheel.  We would like to challenge each “Pod” or group of colleagues or area of the College to choose a focus, value, or trait that defines who or what your group wants to be and how we want to be treated.  (Our goal, BTW, is to have fun, be positive & find a way to do it without adding work…) » More …

Research flash talk invitations

As part of Research Week (October 15-19), the Office of Research has partnered with the colleges to offer four matchmaking sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration by providing a platform for faculty to present their research projects in order to find collaborators that will help make these plans a reality. We are currently recruiting presenters in all disciplines and focus areas for potential matches with these topics: » More …