Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

DSHS has healthcare jobs for entry-level job seekers, like direct care providers, along with jobs in support services at DSHS healthcare facilities. And for those who have furthered their education, we are here as a career choice in occupations such as nurses, counselors, therapists, lab techs, psychologists, and social workers. 

We have openings for:
Psychology Associates, Registered Nurses / LPNs,
Security Officers, Residential Rehabilitation Counselors, Psychologists, Mental Health Technicians (CNAs), Psychiatric Security Attendants (LPNs), Licensed Truck Drivers, Certified Automotive Mechanics, Food Handlers / Dietitians, Laundry Technicians, Social Service Specialists, Investigators / Attorneys, IT Specialists, Physicians / Dentists, Building Engineers, Carpenters / Custodians, Public Benefit Specialists, Boiler Operators / Electricians, Project Managers, Occupational Therapists, Direct Care Professionals, and Fire Fighters.

DSHS current job openings are listed at careers.wa.gov, filter by “Dept. of Social and Health Services”.

If you are interested in being a DSHS nurse, simply email your resume to nursejobs@dshs.wa.gov

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Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
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