Come Work for a Local, Family-Owned Detox!

Spokane Falls Recovery Center is looking for 2 talented, hard-working nurses who are in the business of caring for people. Our detox facility is small, which allows for genuine quality time to work with individual patients and deliver exceptional, holistic care. As much as we care about our patients, we care equally for our employees. Our work environment is unique in how we build strong teams and value our employees.

Our RNs deliver direct patient services to individuals who need a safe space for detoxification and stabilization from the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Current open shifts are 10:00 PM – 10:00 AM. This is designed intentionally so that the night staff gets to be part of team meetings, trainings, operations, and celebrations before shift change occurs.

If you are an empathic, hard-working, and open-minded RN, and you are ready to get started with helping a diverse group of patients get started on their recovery journeys, please apply on Indeed or give us a call: 509-368-9021.