ADVANCE External Mentors Program

Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty:

Applications for the External Mentor Program are currently being accepted. This is an initiative sponsored by ADVANCE for enhancing awareness of and creating opportunity for women and diverse faculty, with diversity defined in terms of under-represented minority status, in all disciplines. The aim of the program is to foster career development of participating faculty by supporting the development of mentoring relationships with off-campus academic leaders, with a special emphasis placed on mentorship that supports and/or communicates awareness of existing barriers. These mentors will provide training and guidance, facilitate collaborative research efforts, and provide examples of successful academic/discipline role models.

Applications and funding (typically $1,500- 3,000) are available for this program, DUE APRIL 16. This could be especially important for women who feel as though they need some support for re-entering post COVID. You can identify your own mentor, but help is available. The funding can support a mentor visit to WSU, mentee travel to the mentor’s lab or other site for support or other professional development