Washington State University College of Nursing Committee Openings 2019-2020

Looking for volunteers by Friday Sept. 20th by noon for elected and appointed committees.

Elected Faculty Governance Committees:

Faculty Affairs Committee: instructor or senior instructor                  for 1 year

Undergraduate Admissions/Progression: tenured faculty                    for 1 year

Graduate Curriculum: graduate faculty open rank                                  for 1 year

If interested in running for any of these openings, contact Anna Fulton afulton@wsu.edu or Tulla Diede tullamora.diede@wsu.edu


Dean’s Appointed Committees:

Awards Committee: student & faculty awards for fall and spring. Any rank, any track. Especially looking for representatives from campuses other than Spokane and a staff representative from any campus.  Can be 1 or 2 year appointment. Former chair has rotated off. Renee Hoeksel can provide more information.

Professional Development Advisory Board: any rank, any track. Provides input to our professional development department. Can be for 1 or 2 years. Sue Rosetti or Wendy Williams-Gilbert can provide more information.

Diversity & Global Connections Committee: any rank, any track. Former Chair has rotated off & several long term members are continuing. Laura Wintersteen or Mary Gonzalez can provide more information.

Scholarship and Stipend Committee: any rank, any track. Sarah Wilson can provide more information.