Interested in helping stock the Campus Pantry and donating to your favorite student group at the same time? There’s a fierce competition occurring this week between students in the different disciplines to see who can gather the most donations for the Campus Pantry. The winner will get the Campus Pantry Traveling Trophy, says Brajee Green, an NEP student and this year’s pantry president.

Each of the disciplines have collection boxes in their respective classroom buildings but a box for each group is also in the SAC Lobby.
The pantry is most in need of brown rice, whole wheat paste, spaghetti sauce, dried beans, canned bean, canned vegetables, canned fruits and canned meats. Those are the items that they purchase when they have the money, but if you want to donate extras or what Green calls “fun stuff” like granola bars, chocolate, boxes of cereal and the like, that would be great too.
The competition ends at the end of the day Friday. The winner will be announced shortly after classes resume after spring break, which is next week.