WSU College of Nursing Scholarships

WSU College of Nursing scholarship applications have been reviewed by committee and awards will be made in the next few weeks.  If you submitted a completed application, you will be notified of your award status via email the week of November 6, 2017.  Additionally, if you are offered a scholarship, the AcademicWorks system will require you to accept your offer(s) and provide additional personal information.

The Office of Development will provide clear communication regarding your status, so please look for an email from!

ANCC 2017 Webinar Series

The November webinar will provide new graduate students with the steps to succeed in graduate nursing school. Topics will include:

  • Work effectively with your adviser to map out your program.
  • Set realistic, achievable priorities within the context of graduate school.
  • Smoothly re-acclimate to school and cope with the stress of this transition.
  • Achieve school-work-life balance.
  • Effectively navigate the clinical setting as an APRN student.

This webinar is free, live, and interactive. It is informational and contact hours will NOT be awarded.

Who should attend: Any RN who is enrolled in a graduate APRN program.

Requirement: Individual registration is required.

When: November 16th

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WSNA Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Graduate Passport

Keeping your passport consistently current is mandatory; regardless of what classes you are taking!  Prior to the beginning of each semester, log to the E*Value database, go to “Other Tasks”, then to “Personal Records Requirements” and update any expired requirement. Please do not delete the expired documentation, just add your new documentation. Also, check your expiration date column and update requirements that are about to expire or schedule the update and add to your calendar with other program obligations.  It is your responsibility to keep your graduate passport current throughout enrollment, without prompts from faculty or staff.  Out-of-compliance students will have a nursing hold placed on their student account and be unable to register until the passport is brought current.

WSU Graduate Passport forms, links and instructions are found on the WSU website: