Graduate Passport – Who, What, Where, When, and Why

The WSU Graduate Passport is a group of immunization, certification, and training requirements that must be completed, documented, and kept current from the first day of enrollment through graduation from all WSU Nursing programs.  Passport requirements for WSU Nursing (and all Nursing colleges) are determined by a regional consortium, comprised of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and other entities.  The consortia have several functions.  One important function is to determine “passport” requirements – a foundational set of pre-clinical requirements for nursing programs in the region.  The consortia reviews evidence-based data and best practices in the healthcare industry, making changes to passport requirements annually.

The goal of these requirements is to protect the health and safety of the student and the patients/staff the student is in contact with during their learning experiences at the WSU College Nursing.  WSU Nursing has contractual obligations with our healthcare partners/clinical sites to adhere to the passport requirements set forth by the coalition.

Keeping your passport consistently current is mandatory; regardless of what classes you are taking!  Prior to the beginning of each semester, log to the E*Value database, go to “Other Tasks”, then to “Person Records Requirements” and update any expired requirement. Please do not delete the expired documentation, just add your new documentation. Also, check your expiration date column and update requirements that are about to expire or schedule the update and add to your calendar with other program obligations.  It is your responsibility to keep your graduate passport current throughout enrollment, without prompts from faculty or staff.  Out-of-compliance students will have a nursing hold placed on their student account and be unable to register until the passport is brought current.

WSU Graduate Passport forms, links and instructions are found on the WSU website:


All MN/DNP students either need to provide proof of the influenza immunization or complete the influenza waiver form until they have access to the immunization so they remain in compliance at all times. The influenza was due October 1st.

Infection Prevent CME Series

Please see the attached flyer and direct any questions to Krista Loney at

NPHF Announces 2017-18 Scholarships

NPHF/Procter & Gamble 2017-2018 Community Service Endowed ScholarshipThis scholarship recognizes commitment to service and is awarded to an NP graduate student who is making a significant positive contribution in school, in the community, or in patient care.
NPHF/Procter & Gamble 2017-2018 Gastroenterology Endowed Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to an NP graduate student whose clinical and/or research interests are in the field of gastroenterology.

For more information, please visit our website and direct any questions to Pam Jenkins, MS, NP, Program Director.

Are You Interested in Research?

Do you think you might want to someday be a researcher or understand the research process better? Perhaps you are just curious to know more about the interesting topics being investigated at WSU College of Nursing and have a couple of hours a week to volunteer? If so, WSU College of Nursing has opportunities for you to get involved. There are many faculty members in need of dedicated students who are willing to volunteer as a research assistant.

Examples of areas being researched include: pain, addictions/drug abuse, online programs, police behavior, qualitative and quantitative research, and much more! If you are interested or would like more information on these and other research opportunities, please email Crystal Lederhos Smith at