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Graduate News Washington State University College of Nursing

Nursing Badge

Please email and request for them to create a Nursing badge with your attached photo.  Also send them your ID #, name of program and current credentials.

Program tracks include:



Payment link:

APRN reference book on prescribing updated

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Having the authority to prescribe medications as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse includes a host of regulatory, legal, ethical and socioeconomic considerations that may not be emphasized in nursing programs.  

That was the genesis of “The Advanced Registered Nurse as a Prescriber,” edited by Louise Kaplan, Associate Professor at the WSU College of Nursing-Vancouver, and Marie Annette Brown, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington School of Nursing. Now the two editors have come out with a second edition of the reference text, updated with chapters on global prescribing and on medical marijuana.   » More …

PMHNP NP Job Opening

Noble Physicians ( about clinical placements. Their psych NP who usually precepts our students is leaving the organization, so Colleen is looking to fill her position as soon as possible. Please see job description attached. More details below with a sample schedule—job would have in person days in the Tacoma/Seattle area as well as some telehealth.

Questions can be directed to:


File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for next year—the 2021/22 school year—using 2020 tax information. It is the most important application for financial assistance for college. Find the form at

Not eligible to file a FAFSA? Complete a WASFA—Washington Application for State Financial Aid. Find the form at

New Fall COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

On April 28th University President Kirk Schultz announced the University will require COVID-19 vaccinations for the next academic year.  We are asking that College of Nursing students plan to meet this requirement prior to the start of Fall semester.  Exemptions will be allowed by the University for medical, religious or personal reasons, however, we are still waiting to hear from our clinical partners about their requirements for vaccination status.  Please keep in mind that our clinical partners may not accept exemptions and require vaccinations to allow you to participate in their settings (or require unvaccinated students to wear certain PPE at all times in clinical settings). Lack of access to certain clinical placements could impede your success in the nursing program.

Over the next few weeks we will have more information and will communicate clearly the following information:

  • How to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Required documentation for exemption and procedures for submission (previous diagnosis of COVID-19 does not exempt people from the vaccination requirement.)
  • Clinical agency requirements
  • COVID-19 testing, screening, and other mitigation strategies that will be in place for Fall 2021.
As a reminder, didactic coursework for Fall 2021 will remain remote. Limited experiential learning (physical assessment skills labs for NP students) will occur on campus and clinical placement assignments will continue as there is availability.

National Academy of Medicine – Culture of Health

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Acknowledging Structural Racism’s Direct and Negative Impact on Health

» View Report Statements on Racism & Health Impacts

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is highlighting statements from past Culture of Health Program (CoHP) reports that acknowledge structural racism’s direct and negative impact on health – and in particular the disproportionate effects on the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

» Read more

Study Space on Campus for Spokane Students

Study Space on Campus for Spokane Students:  Individual study space has been made available in SAC 341 and 12 in  343.  Students may sign up for one 4 hour study period per day.  Students must comply with study room rules, including:

  1. Students must sign-up for a space prior to coming to campus and do the daily attestation prior to arriving to and have it available to show if asked by any faculty/staff.  Do not come to campus if you are experiencing covid symptoms or believe you have been exposed covid.
  2. We have been given strict guidelines on how many students can access the space at a time, you must sign-up for a specific study space, wear your mask while others are in the room, and clean your study space before and after you use it (supplies are available in the room).
  3. This is for INDIVIDUAL study only, if we learn of group study or gathering of students beyond the capacity for each space there is a chance that this on-campus study area(s) will not be allowed moving forward.

We trust your professionalism to utilize this space as needed during the time of the COVID pandemic.

Sign up for CON Study Rooms in SAC

Contact Matthew Koithan at with questions or concerns.