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Samantha Knapp

Samantha Knapp

Teaching Assistant  COLLEGE OF NURSING - WSU SPOKANE 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd

Samantha is a Teaching Assistant for WSU nursing undergraduates and a proud student at WSU pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree specializing in primary care Family Nursing Practice. She graduated from WSU in 2009 with her bachelors degree in Nursing. Since her graduation, she has practiced as a RN, BSN in an acute rehab facility specializing in spinal cord injuries and orthopedics. She later transitioned to outpatient day surgery. Working perioperative is where she found her passion for providing humor at the bedside in moments of fear and anxiety, providing holistic customer service, and found how invaluable her bedside education is not only for her patients, but also for their family members.

“I want the best possible outcome for every patient, but also, I want to be the leader in making the compassionate difference in the lives of each of my patients and their families. This all stems from being inspired by my community and my children; I want to continue to set the bar high for individualized patient care and patient education. I truly want to raise my children in a world where patients know to advocate for themselves, know that they deserve high quality medical care and education, but more so, I want them to understand the root of my reasoning. Every generation should be better than the last and I want to contribute to the group effort.”


  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing, WSU, Spokane WA

Research Interests

  • Patient education methods and the effects on patients outside of the clinical setting.
  • Technology within the medical practice and the impact on effectiveness for positive patient outcomes.
  • Endurance athletes; the physiological responses and the bodies ability to adapt.
  • The roles of the Nurse Practitioner in the clinical setting and in the public
  • Pubilic health
  • Immunization education