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Washington State University

WSU Nursing ESL Support Checklist for Students

Use these questions to assess your language needs.

What is your first language?

Do you demonstrate effective communication skills in classes and Clinical Practice?

Answer Yes or No for each of the skills listed.

In class, do you…?

  1. Write clear and comprehensible answers to reflection questions that show critical
  2. Use appropriate word choice, word forms, and sentence structure in written assignments;
    have minor grammar errors that don’t cause miscommunication.
  3. Participate confidently in group discussions
  4. Ask questions when something isn’t understood

In Clinical Practice, can you…?

  1. Understand standard medical terms and use them in appropriate situations
  2. Speak clearly and be understood well by instructors, nursing supervisors, and patients in
    clinical settings
  3. Follow instructions completely and understand correct nursing procedures to create a
    safe working environment
  4. Summarize procedures and complete reports accurately
    In test-taking situations, do you…?
  5. Understand instructions on tests and use effective strategies to answer questions
  6. Understand wrong answers and know how to answer correctly on the next test

If you answered NO to any of these criteria, you may need language support to be successful in your class. You can meet with the ESL Specialist.

Support provided by the Specialist includes:

  • Test Remediation Skills: Review the language in instructions and answers to understand how to be successful on the next test
  • Assignment Preview and Review: Work on language issues (i.e. grammar, word choice) to complete assignments effectively
  • Communication Skills for Clinical Practice: Work on medical terms, practice dialogue for nursing situations, and review vocabulary in instructions and procedures
  • Pronunciation: Work on accent reduction to make speaking more comprehensible in nursing situations

If you need ESL support, contact Karen Haworth Appointments are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-4 or by special request for other times those days. Also suggest you notify your faculty advisor.