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Washington State University


For Students

WSU uses the E*Value Data Management system to manage many aspects of graduate students’ clinical experience, including the completion of student passport requirements. As a student, you will use the E*Value system to request clinical sites and to document your clinical experiences. You will receive your E*Value login codes within 8-10 weeks of admission. Please note that your E*Value login and password information will be sent to your WSU email address. If you have not activated your WSU email account, please refer to the Technology Requirements under the Admitted Student Section for detailed instructions on how to activate your email account. If you have not received your login and password information after 10 weeks of accepting admission, please contact the graduate office at or 509-324-7334.

Trainings have been developed to prepare you for the different areas of E*Value that you will be working in throughout your course progression. It is important to view the trainings at a certain time in your course progression.


Viewing these trainings at the correct times is critical to the success of your clinical rotations. If helpful, set calendar reminders to yourself to open and view trainings during the recommended timelines based on your specific program/plan of study.

  • Student Training #1-The Basics (FNP, PMHNP and PH students): View upon admission
  • Student Training #2-Preparing for Clinical placement (FNP, PMHNP and PH students): View 3-6 months in advance of clinical placement
  • Student Training #3-Preparing for Rotations (FNP and PMHNP students only): View 1-2 months in advance of starting direct care rotations

For Faculty

The E*Value Data Management system is used to manage many aspects of graduate students’ clinical experiences. The following information is tracked in E*Value:

  • Affiliation agreements
  • Student biographic information
  • Student completion of WSU CON Graduate Student Passport Requirements
  • Clinical site and preceptor information
  • Clinical sites requested by students
  • Record of student clinical placements
  • Student documentation of clinical experiences
  • Evaluations of preceptors, students and clinical sites

Clinical faculty are assigned one or more graduate students to mentor and evaluate in a given semester. As faculty, the bulk of your time spent in E*Value will be evaluating student learning progress for students you have been assigned. This evaluation is accomplished through:

  • Review of student time tracking logs
  • Review of student PxDx logs
  • Site visits
  • Completing and reviewing evaluations pertaining to student rotations

A faculty training has been developed to assist faculty with monitoring these aspects of student learning within the E*Value data management system. If you have been unable to attend a training in person, you can access the faculty E*Value training below. The power point training has also been posted to the faculty E*Value home page for referencing at your convenience.


Faculty Training