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Annual Requirements for BSN & RN-BSN Students

The following annual requirements are for all current undergraduate nursing students in their second (or later) year of study. If you are a new BSN or RN-BSN student, please refer to the Newly Admitted Students section of our website for a complete list of requirements. You can reference this page beginning your second year at the college.

  • Annual TB: An Annual TB (1-step) is required each year (before your TB expiration date). All students must submit evidence of the inoculation or a signed Symptom Check form to to the Student Services office, room #130.
  • Hepatitis B: this series must be started, if not completed, by start of the first semester. Required Evidence: Submit evidence that you have received 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. (First dose followed by a second dose 1 month later, and the final dose 5 months after that. 6-8 weeks after the series is completed, you must have a titer drawn to verify immunity.
  • Influenza: All students must submit evidence no later than October 1 each year of a current immunization against influenza.
  • WSP (WATCH) Report: Go to: and set up an account. The cost is $12.00 with debit/credit card. The results are immediate once the information is complete. Print a copy for your records and bring a copy to the Student Services office, room #130. The report is due on August 1 for each fall semester.
  • Liability Insurance: All clinical agencies require nursing students to have Professional Liability Insurance to perform internships at their facilities. The University requires nursing students to obtain WSU Student Liability Insurance. This is the only liability insurance WSU College of Nursing accepts and must be kept in effect continually while enrolled in any nursing course. Students must fill out and submit the liability insurance form to the address listed on the form for your respective site. This policy covers your student experience, not your professional work experience.
  • Clinical Learning Modules: All new and returning students must complete the Clinical Learning Modules each fall to meet the clinical agency requirements. Module instructions will be available August, 1.
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