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PhD requirements

Students must meet all PhD requirements and enter all training, licensure, and certification information in E*Value prior to their first day of class. For assistance with this process, contact PhD Program Coordinator Sarah Wilson at

Training Requirements
  • Responsible Conduct Training – The Graduate School requires all graduate students to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research online training, which takes about 20 minutes, before or during their first semester as a graduate student.Once you have completed the training, please email a copy of the confirmation email to the Graduate Program office or upload it to E*Value.
  • CITI Training – (PhD & DNP Students) – When you have completed the training, please print a copy of the confirmation email and submit it to the Graduate Program office or upload it to E*Value. Re-training is required every five years.
Certification & Licensure
All WSU graduate nursing students must maintain and provide ongoing evidence of current licensure as a Registered Nurse. A Washington license is not required unless you are working as a TA. International Students are not required to obtain a US license.

Additional insurance, criminal background check, and immunizations documentation may be required.

Required evidence: Go to the Washington State Department of Health Provider Credential Search site to access a record of your current licensure. Print the web page that shows that your license is current. Prepare a .pdf document of this page and upload it into the E*Value system.

Technology Requirements

Network ID

All students are required to obtain a Network ID. The Network ID is a unique identifier that gives you access to a variety of computing resources at the College and University. Each person who gets a Network ID must first have a WSU student ID number, which is generally nine digits long and assigned during the application process. If you are not sure what your student ID number is or need assistance, contact the graduate program office at

Once obtained, your Network ID (NID) cannot be changed, so pick your Network ID wisely! Your Network ID serves as the basis for your official University email address, so choose something that will endure and that can be used on your resume, in the online phonebook, and for other types of correspondence. Using the default offering is encouraged. Combinations of the first and last name are among the most common choices.

To establish a Network ID:

  • Go to the University’s portal, myWSU.
  • Scroll down and click on “What is my User ID?”
  • On the next screen, click on “Create your Network ID.”  Follow the instructions carefully (especially with regard to the password format) to create your Network ID and password. Remember your password and do not share it with others.

If you have previously created a Network ID but do not remember it, you can go to the same webpage referenced above and click on the “Forgot your User ID?” link.  Similarly, if you have forgotten your Network ID password, click on “Password Maintenance,” then on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions provided.


MyWSU is a web portal system that provides a personalized view of web tools and resources you need. You can access your financial aid status, library resources, class registration, and student records. Official notices, alerts, and college and University news are also found there.


WSU generated email messages to students are sent to their new student WSU email account. Please make sure to activate and check your WSU email often so you don’t miss important messages from the college.

To activate your email account:

  • Log in to myWSU using your new Network ID to get your email name and temporary password. 
  • Next, visit to activate your new email account. At that point you will need to change your temporary email password.
  • Once you have activated your email account, you can access your WSU email account by visiting and entering your email address and chosen password.
  • The College of Nursing will send emails to your WSU student email account, so if you don’t plan on using your WSU email account, you will need to set up email forwarding to ensure you don’t miss important email messages. To set this up:
    • Log into your student email account at:  Once you are logged in use the following steps to forward your email to your personal account.
    • Go to Options > Account > Connected Accounts.
    • Under Forwarding, enter the e-mail address of the account you want all e-mail to be forwarded to.
    • If you want to keep copies of messages that are sent to your account, select Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App.
    • Click Save to save your changes and your WSU emails will start forwarding to the email you set up.

Recommended Computer Setup

These recommendations for hardware and software establish a baseline requirement for participation in College of Nursing courses. You can expect to have higher performance and a more satisfying online experience with equipment that exceeds, not merely meets, these baseline specifications. Certain courses may require additional capability and/or specific software programs. Information about these specific requirements is available in the course syllabus.

Operating System— The Microsoft Windows Operating System is the standard system used for all Nursing courses. Students must have Microsoft Windows 7 (or newer), and be able to install Windows-based software.

Note: You may use Apple or other operating systems, provided that you can install and run Windows programs “virtually” and transfer files to others in Windows formats.

The following details basic minimums generally considered necessary to run the software described. The first and foremost rule when contemplating a computer purchase is The software determines the hardware.

  • Processor: processing power comparable to that of a Intel Core i5-4xxx 2.5 GHz processor.
  • Memory: at least 4 Gigabytes.
  • Hard Drive: at least 500 Gigabytes.
  • Optical Storage Drive: DVD, with write capability recommended for backups.
  • External Storage: If write capability is not available on the DVD, then an external storage device (e.g., tape drive, or external DVD drive with write capability, or USB thumb drive) is recommended for backup.
  • Display: Must support resolution of 1280×800 or higher.
  • Microphone and speakers. Preferred: USB headset with earphones and microphone. Alternative: echo-cancelling microphone/speaker system.
  • Webcam highly recommended, although not required.
  • USB ports: At least two USB ports.
  • Networking: Wired Ethernet and WiFi wireless connectivity are both required.

Internet Connectivity

Although Blackboard Collaborate can be used with low bandwidth, WSU recommends that you have an Internet connection capable of 1.5 Mbps or better for live broadcasts and streaming live video, and to reduce network congestion and minimize audio/video quality problems. You can check your Internet bandwidth and firewall settings with the WSU Global Campus Connection speed and firewall test

Note: You must ensure that popup blockers are configured to allow and accept popups from http://* – or disabled entirely while using WSU online services.
Likewise, you must configure your system to accept cookies from WSU sites.
Javascript must be enabled for WSU sites.


Anti-virus Software—It is imperative that you have installed and regularly update anti-virus software on your computer. The minimum requirement is Microsoft Security Essentials, available at no cost from Microsoft. Most experts recommend other commercial antivirus products. Well-known brands include TrendNet, Kaspersky, and AVG.

Office—You will need the ability to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Note: Office and other Microsoft products are available to students through CougTech at substantial discounts.

Other General Software

Course-specific—Other course-specific software may be provided by the instructor, provided as part of a textbook or specifically identified for purchase. The course-specific software will be Windows compatible. Students must be able to load, install, and run course software. Students should be very familiar with Internet searching.

Blackboard—Almost all classes in the College of Nursing will require the use of the Blackboard Learn online Learning Management System. The Blackboard Learn platform is a web-based application and does not require installation of any specific software on your PC other than a standard Web browser. The Blackboard software works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are also acceptable. While Elluminate operates in javascript, students may occasionally need to view video streaming in Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Blackboard Learn can be accessed through this link:


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