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Washington State University

Welcome from the Director

Dr. Gail Oneal
PhD Program Director

Welcome PhD student! Congratulations on your acceptance into the Washington State University College of Nursing PhD program. As only 0.4% of nurses have doctoral degrees, you have been selected among the best and brightest to begin your doctoral training in the scholarship of discovery. With research at its focus, the PhD is the highest academic degree to prepare you for independence in future scientific pursuits. Your next few years will be exciting, challenging, invigorating, and rewarding!

Pleases review our PhD Requirements page for valuable information on program requirements. Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with this information so that you are ready for our summer orientation. We also encourage you to take a look at our Graduate Student Handbook, which contains useful information on resources, policies, and procedures.

Thank you for choosing Washington State University for your doctoral studies!


Gail Oneal, PhD
PhD Program Director