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Washington State University

BSN New Student Requirements

The timeline to get these requirements are between May 15-June 5 with the exception of your Hep B series.  You are required to be compliant for the entire academic year so please do not get them before May 15 or you may be asked to repeat them.

Failure to submit these documents on time and in the correct format may result in an admission delay of one semester.  We cannot stress the importance of your attention to these requirements.  Delays impact the entire class as well as our clinical partners.

The College of Nursing has partnered with Castlebranch to track your immunizations/tests and other required information needed for clinical compliancy. Please see all requirements in this section. You will be asked to upload your information to Castlebranch by no later than June 15, 2021 to ensure that you are ready to begin clinical once school begins. Until your requirements are uploaded, you will have a registration hold.

Castlebranch Information:
To place your order, go to: To place your initial order, you will be prompted to create your secure myCBaccount. Please have your personal identifying information ready, which will be needed for security purposes. The email address you provide will become your username. If you need assistance, contact CB at 888-666-7788 or

National Background Report, Immunization Tracker & Drug Testing

National Background Report
A national background report is required upon admission. You must complete this and upload it to Castlebranch by June 15, 2021. The Washington State Patrol Background Report (WATCH) is included in your first background report. In addition, Washington State Law RCW 43.43 requires that a disclosure statement must be made by applicants to clinical/internship sites concerning certain civil adjudications, conviction records of crimes against persons, and disciplinary board final decisions. Background inquiries may be made to local, state, and/or federal law enforcement agencies. Individuals may not be eligible for licensure in the State of Washington if they have certain criminal convictions or other adjudications on their record. Further, because of requirements for clinical placements and internships, if individuals have certain criminal convictions or other adjudications on their record, they may not be able to complete a degree, regardless of whether they were admitted to the program. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Program Administrative Manager at 509-324-7337.

Castlebranch information

The College of Nursing has partnered with Castlebranch for your National Background Report, Immunization Tracking and Drug Testing. You are asked to upload your immunizations, test and other requirements to Castlebranch which gives you and the school access to view and upload documents.
To Place Your Order:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Place Order
  3. Click Please Select
  4. Select Spokane or Tri-Cities. Yakima students please select Spokane.
  5. Select Pre-Licensure
  6. For Background Check, Immunization Tracker, and Drug Testing:
    Spokane: WM97 and WM97dt
    Tri-Cities: WM95

Cougar Card and Photo Badge for Clinical-Due June 25, 2021

Spokane and Yakima Students Only. Tri-Cities Students will hear directly from your Campus.

Please send a passport size photo (headshot only, with a plain background) to the campus where you will attend. Please add your name and student Id to the bottom of the photo.

Your student account will be billed $10.00 for your Cougar Card.

Immunizations & Testing Requirements

All updates for immunizations, tests, and other requirements must be completed by June 15, 2021 to be compliant for the upcoming 20/21 academic school year.

Immunizations are an important part of your nursing school attendance and they are required by the College of Nursing and clinical facilities you will be attending. Immunizations must be current at all times. A delinquent immunization may affect your clinical attendance. Personal record-keeping of your documents and dates will help you remember when an immunization needs to be updated BEFORE the expiration date.

If you would like additional information on any of the below required Immunizations, please reference the Centers for Disease Control website.

  • Hepatitis B*: 3-step series followed by a titer to confirm immunity. Dates older than 5 years will not be accepted. However, if you have had the Hepatitis B series previously, you can have a titer to prove immunity. If you are immune, You have completed the requirement. If you are not immune, you must start the series again.
    1. First immunization
    2. Second immunization– 1 month after the first immunization
    3. Third immunization– 5 months after the second immunization
    4. Titer- 1 month after the third immunization to confirm immunity.

    If the second titer does not confirm immunity, you are considered a “non-responder” and you have met the requirement. If you are a non-responder you must provide documentation from your healthcare provider.

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella:  Required evidence: Submit a titer evidencing immunity, OR submit evidence of appropriate vaccinations (2 doses of live MMR vaccine received on or after the first birthday, separated by 28 days or more).
  • Varicella (chicken pox): Required evidence:  Submit a titer evidencing immunity, OR submit evidence of appropriate vaccinations (2 doses of vaccine 4 weeks apart).
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap): Required evidence: Submit evidence of Tdap vaccination within the last 10 years.
  • Tuberculosis (TB): A 2-step is required for your first semester of nursing. – This test needs to be current for the entire academic year.
    1. The first skin test is given. Have it read 48-72 hours after you have received it.
    2. The second skin test should be 1 week later for the two-step to be completed. (Two different skin tests – two different dates)

    Documentation must show the dates of both injections and both test readings, indicating the correct interval of 7-21 days between the two tests.
    Each year you will need a renewal 1-step, unless you let it expire. In that case, the 2-step will need to be repeated.

    In lieu of the skin test, you can do a QuantiFERON blood test. This must be done yearly. Many students choose this option due to convenience.

  • Influenza*: Please upload your 2020 flu vaccine. An updated vaccine for the 2021-2022 academic year is due October 1, 2021.

Clinical Placement Passport (PDF) – please click on the link and download the document ( button found on the top, right corner of the toolbar).  Please complete and return to the site you will attend. Due June 15, 2021.

CPR Requirement/Basic Life Support (BLS)

The skills checkoff is due by August 23, 2021 and your Certification of Completion must be uploaded to your Castlebranch Account by this date.  Your online course must be done prior to the skills checkoff.  Please plan accordingly so you do not delay your clinical experience.

A Healthcare Provider Certification from an American Heart Association Course (AHA) is required.  A course from another organization that states they meet AHA guidelines does not meet our agencies requirement.  It must be renewed every two years with no lapse in certification.

Spokane Students

This requirement is available to take the online CPR class through INHS (Inland Northwest Health Services) and can schedule a in person skills check off.

Please sign up using the link below for your skills check off.  Once you have selected the date and paid the course fee, INHS will email you an online key to complete the course by the next business day. The total cost for the course is $65.00

To complete the skills check off, you will need to bring the certificate of completion for the online portion to the in person appointment.  Students must bring a mask and will have your temperature taken prior to completing the skills check.  Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Yakima Students
American First Aid AND CPR Training
3201 West Nob Hill Blvd. YAKIMA, WA 98902
509-594-1322/ Pattie Hendrickson, owner / AHA/TCF
Instructor # 06060113561

Instructions for AHA BLS Certification

  1. Step #1 go to
    on the left toolbar click healthcare professional scroll past calendar to option #2 click on the link
  2. Step # 2 select on drop down course menu bls for healthcare provider
  3. Step #3 add to cart, pay online $31.00, create account
  4. Step #4 complete online course and print certificate.
  5. Step #5 text to 509-594-1322 first and last name online course complete. you may also email the info to

Final practical exams will be scheduled daily Monday, August 16, 2021 through Friday, August 20, 2021 by appointment. Maximum allowed is 10 per class. On completion of final exam, certification card will be issued to email address given in digital format. Fee is $ 41.50 for final exam and certification. Payment can be by card, cash, or check.

Tri-Cities Students: There will not be a CPR class offered during orientation in TC. Columbia Safety in Kennewick does offer an American Heart Association BLS/CPR course for healthcare providers. 509-820-3883

Learning Modules

CPNW Clinical Learning Modules

All students must complete the clinical learning modules to meet clinical agency requirements. Please complete all modules and upload the 1-page report to Castlebranch by July 10, 2021. Please check back June 30 for more information.


Kaplan is a test preparation program that prepares students to successfully pass the NCLEX. It is mandatory cost for every student. The approximate cost is $135. This fee will be posted to your student account prior to the academic year.

Kaplan Student Information

Required Forms – all due June 15, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Authorization to Release Information

Students are asked to sign a consent that will allow for the release of their immunization or background information to clinical facilities upon request from the agency.

» Download authorization to release information form, sign, date, and upload into Castlebranch

Photo/Media Release Form

Students are often photographed on campus, during class, during clinics, etc. We ask all students to sign a release form allowing for their photographs, and/or video/audio recordings to be used for teaching and communications purposes or for informational/marketing publications, which may also include distribution over public, commercial, cable television, and/or online mediums.

» Download release form, sign, date, and upload into Castlebranch

Liability Insurance

All clinical agencies require nursing students to have Professional Liability Insurance to perform internships at their facilities.  Students can purchase the WSU Insurance which covers them the entire academic year for $15.00.  Complete and submit the form.

If students elect not to purchase WSU Liability Insurance, they must provide proof that they are insured by another carrier as a student. The coverage caps required by WSU are $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate.  If you choose to purchase your own policy,  it MUST state the coverage is for student experience not professional experience.  This is option is more expensive than the WSU Liability policy.

Criminal History Disclosure Form

Washington State University College of Nursing enters into affiliation agreements with hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other licensed providers to allow Washington State University College of Nursing students to obtain clinical experience necessary to complete their academic program.  The affiliation agreements between the training sites and Washington State University require the University to obtain comprehensive background checks for nursing students/faculty who will provide direct services, or have unsupervised access to, or direct contact with certain vulnerable populations as defined in the Washington State Child and Adult Abuse Information Law RCW 43.43.830-842.  Charge(s), conviction(s), and or/ criminal history information, including information regarding certain court and administrative determinations, must be disclosed and verified before an applicant or student/faculty can be considered for placement at a clinical site.  A conviction/criminal history record does not necessarily disqualify an individual from placement at a clinical site.  However, certain criminal convictions and certain court administrative determinations may preclude assignment to a clinical site and thus, completion of the program of study.  Your clinical site will also require you to provide it with a satisfactory criminal background check before you begin your clinical assignment or may require you to undergo a criminal background check of the agency’s choice prior to beginning a clinical experience in that agency.  Your assignment to a clinical training site will be conditioned upon receipt of the disclosure form and report that is satisfaction to Washington State University College of Nursing and to the training site.

» Download disclosure form, sign, date, and upload into Castlebranch


Checklist & Due Dates

  • Registration information will be sent your WSU email account by July 6, 2021.
  • Unofficial Transcript (If you are completing an AA degree, make sure your degree is posted). Send to the campus you will be attending by June 30, 2021.

WSU College of Nursing
Attention Jodi Pyle
PO Box 1495, Spokane WA 99210-1495

WSU College of Nursing Yakima
Attention Mary Gonzalez
3110 Inspiration Drive
Yakima WA 98901

WSU College of Nursing
Attention Heather Kriss
2710 Crimson Way
Richland WA 99352

Current WSU students, EWU students and WU students are exempt. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the University.

WSU Spokane & Yakima Campus and Nursing Orientations

You will be sent a link from WSU Spokane with information about the campus and resources available. Please mark your calendars for August 18-20. Orientation is required. More information will be posted by July 6, 2021.

Books, Equipment & Uniforms


For your first semester, you will need books for the following courses:

NURS 308
NURS 311
NURS 315
NURS 316
NURS 317
NURS 328

You can purchase your books online through the WSU bookstore.

Yakima Students: make sure you select Spokane as your campus for ordering books.

Some courses may require additional books, which will be noted in your course syllabus. If you have questions related to books, you will have an opportunity to ask questions during orientation.


  • All students will need to purchase a stethoscope. Stethoscopes can be purchased at any medical supply store. The College of Nursing has worked with MDF Instruments to provide quality stethoscopes at affordable pricing. Visit their website to order online.
  • Pen Lights are required and can be purchased at any medical supply store.
  • Spokane Uniform House offers quality stethoscopes. Contact them directly for prices at 509-747-2851.
  • All students will need a Manual Blood Pressure Cuff, Adult Size with 300 mmHg Sphygmomanometer, latex free, FDA approved.
  • Please check your local uniform shops, WSU Bookie or Amazon to purchase.
  • 3 Cloth Etiquette Masks (Not Surgical)


The official uniform is crimson and must be worn when at your clinical site. Leather shoes with a closed heel and toe and a watch with a second hand are also required for clinical. In addition to scrubs, students are required to purchase a College of Nursing polo which is worn for all interprofessional activities.

Uniforms can be purchased online through Zome or at the following locations:

Spokane Uniform House
502 E 3rd Ave
Spokane WA 99202
» Order online

Uniforms Northwest – Yakima
901 Summitview Avenue
Yakima WA 98902
509 575-1015

Uniforms Northwest – Tri Cities
8551 West Gage Blvd.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Network ID, MyWSU, WSU ID and email set up

Refer to the WSU Admissions website for instructions.

Recommended Computer Setup

These recommendations for hardware and software establish a baseline requirement for participation in College of Nursing courses. You can expect to have higher performance and a more satisfying online experience with equipment that exceeds, not merely meets, these baseline specifications. Certain courses may require additional capability and/or specific software programs. Information about these specific requirements is available in the course syllabus.

Operating System— The Microsoft Windows Operating System is the standard system used for all Nursing courses. Students must have Microsoft Windows 10, and be able to install Windows-based software.

Note: You may use Apple or other operating systems, provided that you can install and run Windows programs “virtually” and transfer files to others in Windows formats.

The following details basic minimums generally considered necessary to run the software described. The first and foremost rule when contemplating a computer purchase is The software determines the hardware.

  • Processor: minimum processing power comparable to that of a Intel Core i5-4xxx 2.5 GHz processor.
  • Memory: at least 8 Gigabytes.
  • Hard Drive: min 256 Gigabytes.
  • Display: Must support resolution of 1280×800 or higher.
  • Microphone and speakers. Preferred: USB headset with earphones and microphone. Alternative: echo-cancelling microphone/speaker system.
  • Webcam if not built into laptop.
  • USB ports: At least two USB ports.
  • Networking: WiFi wireless connectivity required.

Internet Connectivity

Although Blackboard Collaborate can be used with low bandwidth, WSU recommends that you have an Internet connection capable of 1.5 Mbps or better for live broadcasts and streaming live video, and to reduce network congestion and minimize audio/video quality problems. You can check your Internet bandwidth and firewall settings with the WSU Global Campus Connection speed and firewall test

Note: You must ensure that popup blockers are configured to allow and accept popups from http://* – or disabled entirely while using WSU online services.
Likewise, you must configure your system to accept cookies from WSU sites.
Javascript must be enabled for WSU sites.


Anti-virus Software—It is imperative that you have installed and regularly update anti-virus software on your computer. The minimum requirement is Microsoft Security Essentials, available at no cost from Microsoft. Most experts recommend other commercial antivirus products. Well-known brands include TrendNet, and AVG.

Office—You will need the ability to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Note: Office 365 is provided with your WSU account. Other Microsoft products are available to students through CougTech at substantial discounts.

Other General Software

Student Leadership

Student Nurse Leaders – Spokane Students Only

Student Nursing Leaders (SNL) is the official organization to ensure BSN student representation and active participation in the affairs of the college. All BSN students enrolled at the College of Nursing Spokane are encouraged to participate.

The onetime fee of $45.00 helps to cover all or part of your costs to attend social events throughout your entire time at the College of Nursing.

These dues also help to support STEPS tutoring program and other resources that SNL sponsors.