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Spokane BSN Students Attend Rockwood Diabetes Day

Spokane BSN Students Attend Rockwood Diabetes Day

Diabetes Day volunteers 2014We had a great representation of WSU College of Nursing Spokane students at the Rockwood Diabetes Day, an educational program promoting diabetes self-management for patients, their families and the general public. Students enjoyed themselves and did a great job with the screenings. They were professional, articulate, and provided very appropriate education, and the participants really enjoyed the nursing students. By participating in this event, students met part of Objective #4: teaching as they were having to … » More …

Audrey Humfeld
WSNA Nurse Legislative Day Reflection

Audrey Humfeld
Adrienne Humfeld BSN Program Yakima

Prior to attending this session, I really didn’t understand the need for our help to pass certain legislation. After seeing the speakers talk about issues that are clearly necessary for the welfare of both nurses and patients, and seeing the statistics on how healthcare continues to change, it was as if all the pieces fell together. After meeting with our representatives who really didn’t see the need for our legislation, it was disheartening, but also reinforced that I … » More …

New Nursing Transfer Agreement

WSU College of Nursing faculty are working with state leaders to support streamlining RN-BSN transfer programs between state community colleges and universities. This is an important step to help the state attempt to create a more seamless pathway for Registered Nurses to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
OLYMPIA — In a move to boost the number of nurses with bachelor’s degrees in Washington, the community and technical college system and four-year universities have reached a landmark agreement to create a shorter, smoother process for students to achieve the degree. A new statewide Associate in Nursing transfer agreement standardizes the way credits are … » More …

Nursing Pathways high school students
New grant aims to diversify nursing workforce in Tri-Cities & Yakima

SPOKANE, Wash. – The WSU College of Nursing has received a new federal grant designed to expand a program to diversify the nursing workforce in the Tri-Cities and Yakima.

The purpose of the three-year, $1,041,000 grant from the Health Resources Service Administration (HRSA) is to continue to serve students from disadvantaged groups who are interested in pursuing nursing careers, according to College of Nursing associate professor Janet Katz. It builds upon an initial HRSA grant, awarded in 2010, that set up the infrastructure for the program.

WSU Honors College and WSU College of Nursing Direct Admit Program for Incoming Freshmen

Beginning fall 2013, ten incoming WSU Honors College freshmen declaring nursing as their major will be admitted to WSU College of Nursing. Selected students will complete all Honors College and College of Nursing prerequisite courses in Pullman for years 1 & 2 and maintain the required grades to remain in the nursing program.

Students will receive their primary advising through the Honors College and will maintain a relationship with a pre-nursing advisor. Years 3 & 4 are completed at one of the college’s sites in Spokane, Yakima, or Tri-Cities.

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Apply to WSU Honors College and specify “NURSING” as your major.

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Siimulation at the Davenport
Nursing completes its part in national simulation study

SPOKANE, Wash. – Washington State University nursing students have completed their part in a national study of simulated patient use in education. In addition to contributing to the larger effort, lessons learned will help WSU better prepare students and provide expertise to groups outside the university.
“We’ve gotten so much out of the study, and we are excited at the direction our program is moving,” said Kevin Stevens, director of the College of Nursing’s program of excellence in clinical performance and simulation (PECPS).

After two years, 480 hours of simulation and 105 simulated patients, 60 bachelor of science in nursing students completed their part … » More …

Army ROTC Nurses in the Making at the College of Nursing

College and Army ROTC renew agreement ensuring five spaces for qualified cadets in BSN program

Army cadets interested in nursing careers will continue to have the chance to enroll at WSU College of Nursing with the resigning of an Army ROTC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU outlines an agreement reserving five spaces annually for qualified army cadets in the College’s Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in Spokane.

In order for cadets to earn a spot in program, they must apply for and meet all of the program’s enrollment requirements. From the applicant pool, ROTC leaders jointly select the five cadets to be … » More …

Scholarship Program Awards Record Amount

More than 150 scholarship donors, students and faculty celebrated the 154 nurse scholar recipients recognized at the WSU College of Nursing 2013 Scholarship reception. In total, $266,979 was awarded to nursing students in the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs. This is a leap from the 2012 scholarship awards, where nearly $200,000 was given to 128 students.

WSU College of Nursing Students Provide Community Service in Clinicals

Francis sat contently in her chair, nibbling on a cookie and quietly enjoying the foot care exam she received from two WSU College of Nursing students. At 91, she’s nearly blind yet she manages to live independently, by her own choice. Francis was one of the many seniors living with a disability who received important, routine health care from an interprofessional team of students representing WSU’s College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, and massage students from Carrington College.

As part of the WSU College of Nursing’s Community Health clinical in Spokane, a class of BSN students organized a health fair for individuals served by the … » More …

Nursing Degree Completes Life Journey for Spokane Graduate

By Judith Van Dongen

With one hand clutching a grenade, Faye Mezengie dashed across the border of his war-torn home country of Eritrea into Sudan. It was a dangerous undertaking, and the young soldier hadn’t known for sure whether he would make it. But he had decided that he’d rather die trying than be forced back into the senseless and deadly border conflict with Ethiopia.

Mezengie made it, and he has come far since then. Last Friday at the WSU Spokane Commencement ceremony he received his bachelor of science in nursing degree and served as the student speaker, sharing his story with fellow graduates and … » More …

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