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Washington State University
WSU’s Lonnie Nelson evaluating COVID vaccines for impact on indigenous populations

Lonnie Nelson’s work improving the health and well-being of indigenous peoples has earned him grant funding, awards and citations as an academic researcher at Washington State University Health Sciences.

It’s also brought him to a position of vital importance right now: evaluating potential COVID-19 vaccines for how they will be perceived and accepted by Native American and indigenous populations. He was invited to sit on a panel of a dozen scientific experts by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; similar panels of have been convened for other populations that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Nelson was a natural choice for the panel, … » More …

Janessa Graves portrait
Rural areas have fewer mental health services for teens, but great need

Very rural areas in the United States have fewer mental health services for young people, yet that’s where the help is needed the most, says a study led by Janessa Graves of the Washington State University College of Nursing, published this week in JAMA Network Open.

Janessa Graves portrait
Poison center calls about anti‑anxiety drug phenibut up sharply

Calls to U.S. poison centers about phenibut, an anti-anxiety drug sold on the internet, rose dramatically over the past decade, according to new research led by Janessa Graves, associate professor and associate dean at the Washington State University College of Nursing.

two people walking on a college campus during wildfire smoky season
WSU study will use phone app to help people with asthma during wildfire season

Young people who have asthma will test a phone app to help them manage their condition during wildfire season in a Washington State University College of Nursing-led study that’s getting under way.

photo of nursing building in Spokane
Research funding on the rise at the WSU College of Nursing

Research funding took another jump at the Washington State University College of Nursing last year.

portrait of a woman wearing a mask
Cloth mask tested by WSU nursing faculty could offer more protection

Two faculty members at the Washington State University College of Nursing are testing a fabric mask made with a filter available at big-box stores as an alternative to sometimes-scarce N95 masks.

illustration of a person breaking apart
Marijuana use can worsen mental health for people with chronic pain

Marijuana can worsen depression, anxiety and cognition among people who use cannabis to help with their chronic pain, according to a new study. Negative effects increased with the amount of cannabis used, said the study, published recently in the journal Pain Management Nursing.

stock art of keyboard with the word "translate"
Study: Hospital websites lack usability for non-English speakers

English proficiency shouldn’t be a barrier to health care. That’s why the federal government requires hospitals to make translated documents and interpreters available to patients.

Year of the Nurse 2020: PhD student Mary Lee Roberts left the arts world for nursing

Mary Lee Roberts was already well-established in her career as a high-end audio engineer on the East Coast. She had a PhD from the University of California-Santa Barbara, was director of electro-acoustic music at Princeton University, freelanced for celebrities, wrote and recorded original compositions, and was cited in books and journals.

four people praying in Thailand
College of Nursing faculty research palliative and hospice care in Thailand

A team of nurse researchers from Washington State University left for Thailand on New Year’s Day to join Thai colleagues in looking at the unique care provided to cancer patients at a temple there.