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Niki Flemmer
Q & A With Niki Flemmer

Niki Flemmer
Niki Flemmer, (MN-FNP ’11), MN, ARNP/FNP-C, CNOR
ARNP at Adventist Health Surgical Specialists at Walla Walla General Hospital

What I am most passionate about is exploring and cultivating the patient-provider relationship. I, together with my Master’s Program committee, created an interdisciplinary framework for nurses and other helping professionals to create effective and therapeutic partnerships with their patients. The framework is called “Empathetic Partnership” and it is based on nursing New Zealand’s Cultural Safety, the Cultural Safety teachings of the late Dr. Irihapeti Ramsden, … » More …

Kimberly Carson
Q & A With Kimberly Carson

Kimberly Carson

Kimberly Carson (RN-BSN Online ’11), BSN, RN
Nursing Supervisor at Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services

Why did you choose nursing as a profession?

I don’t believe I chose nursing, I believe nursing chose me. I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything but a nurse since a very young age.

Tricia Carlton
Q & A With Tricia Carlton

Tricia Carlton

Tricia Carlton (MN APH-Ed ’13, RN-BSN ’08), MN, RN
Clinical Instructor at WSU College of Nursing

What was the best piece of advice you received during college that helped you graduate/go on to become a nurse?

Take one day at a time and to always remember that the person you are taking care of is not a ‘skill’ or a room number…they are someone’s mother, grandfather, parent, child, etc… That’s how I nurse and that’s how I teach.

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Washington State University