Student and Faculty Participation at COVID Vaccine Clinics

COVID Testing

  • COVID testing is available at the CCRS (AKA “Old” Bookie” on the Spokane campus on Thursday and Friday from 0900-1600, and by appointment, only,  at the College of Nursing Monday through Wednesday.
  • A special day of testing has been added on Monday, March 22 from 0900-1600 at the CCRS for all students who need to be in the Nursing building or need for clinical placement the week following spring break.
  • Students are responsible for being tested 72 hours in advance of being on campus and/or if required by their clinical agency.
  • Students, staff and faculty who completed the COVID vaccination and attested to ten (10) days without COVID symptoms following the second dose are exempted from any required testing UNLESS directed to do so by a healthcare provider or practice facility


  • Faculty and students exposed to COVID, must follow the 14 day quarantine outlined at CON Student Staff and Faculty COVID Update 2-14-21
  • Students should check with their clinical instructors about quarantining requirements for clinical sites, including but not limited to Long Term Clinical sites.