NursingCAS Application Instructions

WSU College of Nursing uses NursingCAS for application to the BSN program. The application fee is $55 for the first program selected. It’s a $40 fee for each additional program. 

You can only select one WSU College of Nursing campus each application cycle. Special designations are available for WSU, EWU, Whitworth, and transfer students to Spokane’s campus as well as designations for the Tri-Cities and Yakima. Please choose the designation that best describes you at the time of admission. Choosing WSU, EWU, or Whitworth indicates you have earned at least one year of full-time credit with that institution.

NursingCAS has four main sections on your applicant dashboard. The application is a combination of standardized and program-specific requirements. The chart below tells you what sections need to be filled out. Everything listed as “not required” will not be reviewed even if you include the information. However, you must acknowledge each section by clicking the box that states “I am not adding any references,” etc.

For students reapplying to our program, please visit the NursingCAS Academic Update page for instructions on how to update your coursework.

What to include in your application

Personal Information


  • Biographic Information (all subsections)
  • Contact Information (all subsections)
  • Citizenship Information (all subsections)
  • Other (Language Proficiency, Legal Infractions, Academic Infractions, License/Certification Infractions, Additional Questions)

Not required

  • Race and Ethnicity (all subsections)
  • Other (Military Status, Social Security Number)
  • Family Information (all subsections)

Academic History


  • High School(s) Attended
  • College(s) Attended (all subsections)
  • College Transcripts
  • Transcript Entry (all subsections, including courses planned/in progress)
  • Standardized Tests (TEAS score if available)

Not required

  • High School(s) Attended (Transcripts)
  • Diploma in Nursing (all subsections)

Supporting Materials


  • No supporting materials are required

Not required

  • References (all subsections)
  • Experiences (all subsections)
  • Achievements (all subsections)
  • Licensure and Certifications (all subsections)

Program Materials


  • Questions
  • Prerequisites
  • Documents (please upload TEAS scores if available at the time of application submission. For additional information on providing TEAS results, please see the TEAS page.
  • Experience log form