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Prerequisites & requirements

Nursing Prerequisites

  • Anatomy & Physiology (8 cr.)
  • Chemistry courses with labs to include: inorganic, organic, and biochemistry (8 cr.)
    (Only 1 chemistry course (4 cr) with a lab is required for the RN-BSN program)
  • Growth & Development Across the Life Span (3 cr.)
    (This prerequisite course is not required for the RN-BSN program)
  • Human Nutrition (3 cr.)
  • Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems (3 cr.)
  • Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
  • Microbiology (4 cr.)
  • Statistics (4 cr.)

WSU Common Requirements (UCORE)

A prior bachelor’s degree or approved transferable associate’s degree (DTA) automatically fulfill the UCORE, except for the Integrative Capstone [CAPS] to be completed at the College of Nursing (pending approval). Nursing prerequisites still have to be met on a course-for-course basis. Contact an advisor with any questions.

Visit the WSU Graduation Requirements page for more on UCORE.


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