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Student Nursing Leaders

Welcome from SNL President

Chris Liss President

Dear Nursing Student,
Welcome to the Washington State University College of Nursing! What an amazing accomplishment to have been accepted into this program! You should feel incredibly proud of yourself. You will find your experience here to be challenging, exciting, and highly rewarding.

My name is Chris Liss and I am the Student Nurse Leaders (SNL) President.

Here at the College of Nursing, students are represented by SNL. The other officers and I are here to support you during your time at Washington State University and to assist you in your journey towards your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Student Nurse Leaders is a very active organization which hosts numerous social events to help you get to know your classmates as well as other students on campus. We also serve as a student voice on the whole Spokane campus. We achieve our goals and missions through the support of all students. Become an active member on campus by participating in our student government.

While you’re enrolled at the College of Nursing, here are a few things to consider.

  1. Your opinion is important to us, and without it we will not succeed in properly
    representing you. We hold monthly student body meetings to answer questions you may have and keep you informed of the events we sponsor as well as other campus-wide events. You are more than welcome to attend these meetings!
  2. Get involved! Our student government functions through representation from all classes. We will hold elections for class officer positions early in the semester. The positions available are President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Director at Large. More information on these positions will follow, but now is the time to consider serving in a leadership capacity to represent your class.
  3. We plan fun and exciting FREE social events for students throughout the semester including: Hockey nights, movie nights, laser tag, end of the semester parties and barbeques. These events are generally offered at very little or no cost to students and you
    will rarely leave without a full belly!
  4. Student Nurse Leaders Dues need to be turned in before you begin classes. Fill out the
    SNL form and submit a check for $40. This is a onetime payment and will cover your costs for attending events throughout your time at the College of Nursing. Without your support, these events cannot be made possible. These dues support the events and initiatives SNL sponsors.

As I am sure you have many questions and possibly some anxiety about transitioning into the upcoming year, know that you should never doubt yourself. You are very capable of success and will thrive here at the college of Nursing. –receiving your “Acceptance Letter” is a testament to your capabilities. You’ll find our program is like a giant family! The faculty members, staff and students are truly supportive and are very approachable. All instructors truly want you to be successful in your courses and are all happy to help you in any way they can. You will find that making friends will be very easy and you will feel at home. The members of SNL and the students here at WSU care for your success and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding student life.

Over the upcoming months, I encourage you to complete your remaining paperwork, secure your living arrangements and enjoy the holiday season. You are about to embark on an awesome journey unlike any other; you will be surrounded by support; and you will meet so many new friends. Your success in your classes, along with the strides you make in your clinical practice, will be very rewarding as you transition into becoming an RN-BSN in the very near future.

Congratulations on your successes so far! I look forward to meeting you in
January for orientation and getting to know you throughout your time at the College of Nursing. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at

Chris Liss
President, Student Nurse Leaders
BSN Student,
Washington State University College of Nursing



Fill out the SNL online form below and mail a $40 check payable to “Washington State University” to:

Washington State University College of Nursing
c/o Student Nurse Leaders
PO Box 1495
Spokane, WA 99210-1495

You can also drop the check off in person at the Student Services Office RM 130

  • Please note: the shirts are unisex cotton blend.
Washington State University