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PhD Program Outcomes

  • Advances nursing science through clinical research and dissemination of dissertation study and other research projects
  • Demonstrates ability to analyze, construct, or test theoretical frameworks that guide nursing research design, methodology, data analysis, and the transfer of new knowledge into practice
  • Collaborates with interdisciplinary scholars in research and transfers evidence-based knowledge into best clinical practices through dissemination processes
  • Synthesizes knowledge from a variety of disciplines to create research designs and methods for nursing science and to address ethical, social, cultural, political, and professional issues
  • Implements proven and emerging technologies to enhance nursing research and education
  • Implements innovative research designs, methodologies, leadership skills, health education, and/or lifestyle modification techniques to address the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations and disparities in the access to or delivery of healthcare

Pre-Admission Information




Rychelle Wagner
Rychelle Wagner
Academic Coordinator
509-324-7445                                                SNURS 127

Washington State University