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PhD Curriculum

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Summer INURS 524Foundations of Methodological Applications for Health Sciences 2
NURS 535Philosophy of Nursing Science 3
NURS 536Theory and Science of Nursing I 3
Semester Credits8
Fall INURS 526Analytical Foundations for Health Sciences 3
NURS 588Research Inquiry: Quantitative Methods 3
NURS 596 Theory and Science of Nursing II 3
NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits11
Spring INURS 527Association, Group Difference, and Regression for Health Sciences (A)3
NURS 534Seminar: Grant Development and Critique3
NURS 587 Inquiry: Qualitative Methods3
NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits11
Summer IINURS 589Psychometrics in Health Care Research 2
NURS 799Dissertation Seminar (can be repeated for credit)1
Electives (choose 5 credits)

NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits10
Fall IINURS 528Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Health Sciences 3
NURS 592Research Inquiry: Qualitative Methods II2
Electives (choose 3 credits)

NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits10
Spring IINURS 585Faculty Role Seminar/Practicum (taught even years only)(3) 0
NURS 529Analytical Seminar for Health Sciences3
NURS 593Preliminary Examination Seminar1
Electives (choose 4 credits)

NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits(12) 9
Summer III
NURS 800 Dissertation2
Semester Credits2
Fall III NURS 800 Dissertation4
Semester Credits4
Spring III NURS 585Faculty Role
Seminar (taught even years only)
(3) 0
NURS 800 Dissertation4
Semester Credits(7) 4
PhD Course Work
Total Credits72
Washington State University