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Washington State University

MN-Population Health Curriculum (with thesis)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
NURS 503Scientific Inquiry in Nursing2
NURS 504Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 521
NURS 523
NURS 533
Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation in Nursing, OR
Educational Issues & Curriculum Analysis, OR
Issues & Trends in Healthcare Education: Workforce Diversity & Delivery Methods
NURS 542Advanced Pathophysiology, Pharmacology & Assessment for Health Professions4
NURS 554Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Health Professions3
NURS 556* OR
NURS 583
Advanced Population Health Practicum OR
NURS 564Family Health & Health Promotion of Populations 3
NURS 565Information Management for Clinical Practice3
NURS 576Organizational Systems & Leadership 3 (60 hours non-direct care practicum)
NURS 700Master's Thesis6
Total Minimum Required for Degree35
*Practicum courses require the completion of a minimum of 2 credits (120 hours) of experience with a preceptor who has completed a Master's degree in nursing or a related field.