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Master of Nursing in Population Health: Nurse Educator

The MN Nursing Education program will prepare you to be a nurse educator. You will take the core master’s course work and additional course work in education. Enter the MN program with a BSN or the RN-MN program as an RN with a bachelor’s degree in any field.

View MN Education Curriculum (non-Thesis)
View MN Education Curriculum (with Thesis)

*The MN nurse leader and MN nurse education options are additional credits beginning fall 2019. Our 32 credit MN in Population Health program begins fall 2019. The nurse leadership, nursing education and public health graduate certificate are available and additional credits may be required. The leadership and nursing education certificates qualify graduate nurses to sit for national certification exams.

Career Options

Graduates work as faculty in ADN or BSN higher-education programs, or as nurse educators in a number of settings including acute care, public health, outpatient clinics, home healthcare, and more.


Graduates may qualify to take the National League for Nursing (NLN) Certified Nurse Educator Exam.

Multiple Campus Locations

The program is offered at all five WSU College of Nursing sites statewide (Spokane, Tri-Cities, Yakima, Vancouver, Walla Walla).

Program Delivery

MN courses are completed using a hybrid model where students participate both in class and online. Most classes meet no more than five times per semester; the remaining course work is offered online.

Flexible Scheduling

Full and part-time study options are available. If you attend full-time, you will complete the program in about two years. If you attend part-time you will likely complete the degree requirements in three to four years.

Graduate Certificate Options

If you are completing this track, you may take additional course work and apply for a graduate certificate in either Nursing Leadership, Nursing Education, or Public Health. Please contact the graduate program office for additional information.

Admission Criteria

You may earn your MN degree via 2 pathways. Enter the MN program with a BSN degree, or choose the RN-MN pathway and enter the program as an RN with a bachelor’s degree in any field. Each pathway has a different application and admission process. Select your pathway below for additional application and admission information.

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