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Graduate Program Cost

Graduate program costs are subject to change and are meant to give you a general idea of program costs. For more information on the estimated cost of programs, visit the WSU Student Financial Services. Nursing program costs are listed under Professional Students.

MN & DNP Program Costs

WSU Application Fee$75
Tuition (in state)$8,902 per semester ($890 per credit for part-time)
Books $600 per year approximately
Course Fees$88-$144 per semester approximately
E*Value Fee$50 per semester
CPR/First Aid$65 approximately, cost varies
National Background Report$85 one time, upon admission
Washington State Patrol Background Report$10 yearly, beginning second year
Liability Insurance$20 yearly approximately
Name Badge$10 upon entrance
Health Fee (if taking 7+ cr)$87 yearly
ImmunizationsVaries, depending on need and where received
Graduation Application Fee$50-$75

MHPA Program Costs

WSU Application Fee$75
HPA one-time Registration Fee$200
Tuition (in-state) per semester (10-18 credits)$7,016 per semester for resident tuition and $15,073 per semester for non-resident. $702 per credit for part-time
Summer Internship Tuition (3 cr)$1,527
BooksApproximately $600 per year
Student Health Fee$87 per year
Graduate Application Fee$50
Cap and Gown Rental$80
Washington State University