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In preparation for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX), WSU College of Nursing utilizes Kaplan Integrated Preparation.  Kaplan is a program that assists in providing you the tools to successfully pass the NCLEX by increasing your test-taking skills and heightening your awareness of your content strengths and weaknesses.  The program emphasizes critical thinking and develops students’ capacity to effectively read and interpret test questions which are representative of NCLEX questions.  Each Kaplan test question will have remediation, which guides the student to think through and evaluate their response.   Kaplan will be integrated into many of the courses you will be taking.  Please refer to course syllabi for specific requirements for use of Kaplan. We have a Kaplan Team of Faculty, which assists with each campus.  Reach out to Laura Wintersteen-Arleth, Kaplan Coordinator for the Kaplan Team faculty on your campus.

The Kaplan system provides you with access to your individualized test results as well as national averages.  This will help you gauge your readiness in each of the test areas, which in turn will guide you to use resources in the system to help improve your performance and scores.

Students are required to pay for Kaplan each semester.  Billing is done through student fees.  The fee includes all resources in Kaplan and the onsite, in person, 3-day NCLEX Review program which is delivered the week following graduation. Students will have access to this program until 4 months after graduation.

Students will receive a link to sign on to Kaplan after payment is received. Use this link to access all resources.

Testing: The following courses will utilize Kaplan Testing as part of their required work during the 2019-2020 school year:

Kaplan Testing-Proctored

CourseIntegrated Kaplan Test (proctored)Time (minutes)Number of QuestionsScore Threshold (% correct)Percent of Course Grade
NURS 311Integrated Pathophysiology A8470595
NURS 311Integrated Pathophysiology A Repeat8470Not normed-use 59 as threshold
NURS 323Integrated Pharm A9075615
NURS 323Integrated Pharm A Repeat 9075Not normed-use 61 as threshold
NURS 408Integrated Med/Surg Comprehensive9075735
NURS 408Integrated Med/Surg Comprehensive Repeat9075Not normed-use 73 as threshold

Kaplan Testing-Non Proctored

CourseIntegrated Kaplan Test (proctored)Time (minutes)Number of QuestionsScore Threshold (% correct)Percent of Course Grade
NURS 316Focused Fundamentals 3630N/A3
NURS 317Focused Wellness and PhyAssessment3630N/A3
NURS 328Focused Gero3630N/A3
NURS 324Focused review assignments based on course syllabusN/A30N/A3
NURS 414Focused Pediatrics A3630N/A3
NURS 416Focused OB A3630N/A3
NURS 424Focused Psychosocial A3630N/A3
NURS 426Focused Community A3630N/A3
NURS 430Predictor A
Test Trainers 1
Test Trainers 2
Test Trainers 3

The following resources are a part of the Kaplan Integrated Programs:

  • Ebooks
  • Integrated Tests
  • Focused Review Tests
  • Content Review Videos
  • Live and recorded webinars on a variety of topics
  •  Over 2,000 application and analysis questions