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Washington State University

BSN Program Course Work

Junior Year - Semester INURS 308Professional Development I: Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 311Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Nursing4
NURS 315Nursing Practice: Health and Illness4
NURS 316Intro to Nursing Practice in Health and Illness: Theory2
NURS 317Health Assessment3
NURS 328 Intro to Gerontological Nursing2
Junior Year Semester I Total18
Junior Year - Semester IINURS 309Professional Development II: Ethical Reasoning and Decision-Making Processes in Nursing3
NURS 322The Human Experience of Diversity and Health2
NURS 323Nursing in the Genome Era2
NURS 324Nursing Concepts in Acute and Chronic Illness in Adults4
NURS 325Nursing Practice in Acute and Chronic Illness in Adults5
Junior Year Semester II Total16
Senior Year - Semester IIINURS 408Professional Development III: Leadership and Management3
NURS 412Family and Community as a Context of Care1
NURS 414Child and Family Health: Theory3
NURS 415Children and Families as the Focus of Nursing Care2
NURS 416Childbearing Health of the Family3
NURS 417Nursing Care of Childbearing Families2
Elective Upper Division Elective3
Senior Year Semester III Total17
Senior Year - Semester IVNURS 409Professional Development IV: Transition to Practice2
NURS 424Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Concepts3
NURS 425Nursing Practice: Psychiatric/Mental Health2
NURS 426Community Health Nursing Theory2
NURS 427Community Health Nursing Practice3
NURS 430Senior Practicum3
Senior Year Semester IV Total15
Total Credits66