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Washington State University

Baccalaureate to PhD Curriculum

Students will complete 2 semesters of master’s-level courses (minimum of 13 credits) along with the current PhD in Nursing requirements. The curriculum is designed to be delivered over 9 semesters, with additional time which is variable for dissertation work. Focus is on core areas of nursing science (N), research (R), education (E), and analytical (A) courses.

View the Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Master’s Level Course Work

FALL INURS 503Scientific Inquiry in Nursing (R)2
NURS 504Evidence-Based Practice
*Choose 1 of the 2 listed*NURS 564
Health Promotion in Nursing Practice2
*NURS 565Information Management for Clinical Practice (A)3
SPRING INURS 554Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Health Professions (N)3
NURS 584Healthcare Law, Policy and Analysis3
*Choose 1 of the 2 listed*NURS 523Educational Issues and Curriculum Analysis3
*NURS 529Analytical Seminar for Health Sciences3
Master's-level courses minimum of 13

PhD Course Work

Summer INURS 524Foundations of Methodological Applications for Health Sciences 2
NURS 535Philosophy of Nursing Science 3
NURS 536Theory and Science of Nursing I 3
Semester Credits8
Fall INURS 526Analytical Foundations for Health Sciences 3
NURS 588Research Inquiry: Quantitative Methods 3
NURS 596 Theory and Science of Nursing II 3
NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits11
Spring INURS 527Association, Group Difference, and Regression for Health Sciences (A)3
NURS 587 Inquiry: Qualitative Methods3
NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits11
Summer IINURS 589Psychometrics in Health Care Research 2
Electives (choose 6 credits)

NURS799 Dissertation Seminar (can be repeated for credit) (1);
NURS591 Mixed Methods for program Development, Implementation, & Evaluation (3); NURS 598 (Graded) or NURS 599 (Not graded) Independent Study (1-3)
Semester Credits8
Fall IINURS 528Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Health Sciences 3
Electives (choose 6 credits)

NURS592 Research Inquiry: Qualitative Methods II (2);
NURS565 Information MGMT. for Clinical Practice (3);
NURS521 Learning, Teaching & Evaluation in Nursing (3); (Fall odd years); NURS 598 (Graded) or NURS 599 (Not graded) Independent Study (1-3); NURS799 Dissertation Seminar (can be repeated for credit) (1)
NURS 800 (2 or more)2
Semester Credits11
Spring IINURS 585Faculty Role Seminar/Practicum (taught even years only)(3) 0
NURS 534Seminar: Grant Development and Critique3
Electives (choose 3 credits)

NURS 593 Preliminary Exam Seminar (1); NURS523 Educational Issues & Curriculum analysis (3) (Spring even years); NURS584 Healthcare Law, Policy, & Analysis (3); NURS529 Analytical Seminar for Health Sciences (3) 3
NURS 800 4
Semester Credits9-12
Summer III
NURS 800 Dissertation (optional)2
Semester Credits2
Fall III NURS 800 Dissertation4
Semester Credits4
Spring III NURS 585Faculty Role
Seminar (taught even years only)
(3) 0
NURS 800 Dissertation4
Semester Credits4-7
Course Work
Dissertation (NURS 800)
Total Credits72