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Baccalaureate to PhD

WSU College of Nursing’s baccalaureate to PhD in Nursing meets a growing demand for nurse scholars who can develop the science, steward the profession, and educate new nurse researchers. The American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) also endorses increasing the pipeline of nurses entering PhD programs by promoting entry into PhD studies earlier in nurses’ education and careers.

Advantages of the Baccalaureate to PhD in Nursing

The college joins other top-tier universities offering baccalaureate-to-PhD programs for outstanding baccalaureate students who wish to directly earn a terminal degree similar to other health professions including pharmacy and physical therapy. Currently, 50 universities/colleges in the U.S. have accelerated baccalaureate to PhD programs. By establishing a direct pathway from the baccalaureate to the PhD, students can pursue doctoral nursing education earlier in their nursing careers. Graduates of the accelerated program will have many valuable years ahead of them to focus on research, impacting health policy and practice, and help fill much-needed faculty roles in higher education, while also addressing the significant shortage of doctorally prepared nurses nationwide.

The Baccalaureate to PhD is Currently Offered at WSU Spokane

You must have an RN license and have completed a baccalaureate degree to be eligible to apply. To learn about other pre-application requirements, visit the Baccalaureate to PhD Admission Requirements page. To learn about graduate school options at WSU, visit the Graduate School page.

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