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Invest in the College of Nursing

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Invest in the WSU
College of Nursing

COVID-19 has required that all of us make adjustments to the ways we do most everything, including educating our future nurses.

Through innovating practices and by following CDC guidelines, our faculty have been able to … » More …

Tracy Klein
Nurse practitioners make addiction treatment more available in rural areas

Giving nurse practitioners the authority to prescribe buprenorphine has brought that gold standard treatment for opioid addiction to people who might not have had access to it before, according to a new study led by Tracy Klein, PhD, associate professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing in Vancouver.

Klein and her colleagues Dan Hartung, PharmD, and Jonah Geddes, MPH, used Prescription Drug Monitoring Data to look at prescription and dispensing patterns in Oregon before and after nurse practitioners and physician assistants gained the authority to prescribe buprenorphine in 2017. Before that time, only physicians were allowed to prescribe the medication nationally.

Her study … » More …

PhD student teaching a class
WSU nursing PhD, MN offered in western U.S. at in-state tuition rate

Students from 16 western states and territories will now be able to enroll in the WSU College of Nursing’s PhD and Master of Nursing programs and pay the in-state tuition rate, saving thousands of dollars per semester.

Stacey Lynds portrait
Stacey Lynds: ‘If I’m not working on the Rez I’ll be near it’

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we talk to Stacey Lynds, a BSN nursing student in Spokane and a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.

RN-BSN Open House

WSU College of Nursing RN-BSN Program Virtual Open House

The WSU College of Nursing will host a Virtual Open House for prospective RN-BSN students this January.

This event, offered via Zoom, will give prospective students an overview of our program offerings plus the chance to ask questions of program directors and advisors.

This is your chance to learn more about the recent changes we’ve made to our program to better meet your needs.

Registration is required.

Once you submit your registration, you will receive confirmation and the virtual event information in your email inbox.  Please note you will need to sign up for a … » More …

Doctor and her patient. Shot of a middle aged female doctor sitting in front of laptop and consulting with her patient.
WSU paper urges healthcare providers to ask patients about cannabis

Nurses and other healthcare providers should talk to patients about their cannabis use the same way they talk about other habits like smoking and drinking: routinely and without judgment.

Female BSN Grad
December 2020 Convocation

Join us for this virtual celebration Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. Watch the event live on YouTube.

Graduate Preceptors

Welcome Graduate Preceptors

As a preceptor and mentor, you play a critical role in helping shape the next generation of advanced practice nurses.  Sharing your education and training with WSU students prepares them to lead in their field and contribute to the quality of healthcare in our region.

Precepting benefits healthcare practices and organizations in the community. It also allows for long-term observation of a potential employee in the clinical setting. Having the opportunity to recruit a high quality student who will require limited orientation and onboarding can help contain costs, minimize staffing shortages and improve access for patients to high quality medical care.

» More …

Janessa Graves portrait
Rural areas have fewer mental health services for teens, but great need

Very rural areas in the United States have fewer mental health services for young people, yet that’s where the help is needed the most, says a study led by Janessa Graves of the Washington State University College of Nursing, published this week in JAMA Network Open.

portrait of Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong
Connie Nguyen-Truong honored with national teaching innovation award

Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong, PhD, RN, an assistant professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing in Vancouver, is being honored with the 2020 Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.