Portrait of Carol Quigg
Carol Quigg

Carol Quigg never worked as a nurse, yet she’s a faithful supporter of the WSU College of Nursing.

The connection to WSU is understandable: Quigg graduated in 1958 with a home economics degree. But it wasn’t until a women’s group she belonged to raised money for student scholarships that she became acquainted with the College of Nursing.

“I got interested in research,” she said. “I started out doing an endowment for research and it’s gone from there.”

As part of her support, she meets with faculty members to talk to them about their work.
“I insist on it, as a matter of fact,” said Quigg, of Spokane Valley. “I call it my continuing education program.”

Interprofessional education is a particular interest, because Quigg believes a team approach will improve the quality of health care.

And because she grew up in a rural area and worked as a county extension agent for some time, she also has an affinity for rural health care, and agricultural research and projects.

Quigg said she appreciates the work of the College of Nursing faculty and staff.

“A lot of the personnel are trying to be forward-looking and innovative,” she said. “They’re also very involved with the students, which they need to be in order to do a good job in education.”